Your Spiritual Spring Cleaning Checklist

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As we stumble through life, often we feel lost or disconnected. I frequently get overwhelmed by too many things at once or too many people who need me. Then I start not feeling very good physically. It’s times like these that I need a reminder that I am out of alignment and need some spiritual [...]

Happiness Isn’t a Choice, It’s Action

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A few years ago I knew a woman in a wheelchair who suffered from MS. Her mother had taken her in and was caring for her. Both women were the nicest ladies you could ever meet. They never complained although I know their lives had to be hard. When we visited, they were always sunny, [...]

Just Because Everyone Says It’s True, Doesn’t Mean It Is

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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article for a client about the health benefits of tea. It dawned on me that I don’t drink enough tea, so I started drinking at least one cup a day. Almost immediately I started having heartburn and horrible stomach aches. I didn’t make the connection immediately, but once [...]

If You Don’t Like Something, Don’t Worry It Will Change

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I used to think I hated change. Then after my surgery, I changed everything just to get away from who I was and how much I hated things in my life. It was good for me to alter everything. It pushed my comfort level further and helped me to deal with uncertainty better. I embraced change [...]