Pain is a Great Motivator, If You Let It Be

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My best friend who helps people that struggle with addictions tells me often “pain is a great motivator.” He goes onto explain how often these poor souls must suffer and reach a point of desperation before they are ready to surrender and ask for help. At which time, they are given plenty of help and [...]

Getting Comfortable with Easy is Hard

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Have you ever had a day where everything goes just perfectly, and it feels almost magical? Well, I am experiencing a bunch of those days strung together and to be honest, it’s kind of unsettling. I am in a quandary. Growing up as a Generation X person, I am used to things being hard and [...]

Why I Never Make New Year’s Resolutions

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The idea of new year’s resolutions is nice. I really think it is. It’s the perfect chance to start over, refresh and begin anew with a new year, new goals and a new you. Failure Just Waiting to Happen However, if you read the stats on new year’s resolutions, unfortunately, those that stick with their [...]

If You Don’t Like Something, Don’t Worry It Will Change

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I used to think I hated change. Then after my surgery, I changed everything just to get away from who I was and how much I hated things in my life. It was good for me to alter everything. It pushed my comfort level further and helped me to deal with uncertainty better. I embraced change [...]