Are You Obsessed with Self-Improvement?

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My cousin, his wife, and I are all on similar paths of growth and self-improvement. We periodically have Skype calls to catch up and share spiritual resources (books, videos, etc.). One particular call, I asked how my cousin was doing, and he said he had taken a break from all the self-improvement for a while. [...]

Broken is Beautiful

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There was this unforgettable Twilight Zone episode (one of my all-time favorites) about this old woman who had a museum in her home. She was surrounded by robots who did the housework and helped her with chores. One of her robots was broken, and a young man who visited kept offering to fix him for [...]

Do You See Things in Numbers?

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I have never been into numerology or anything like that. Then about two years ago I was listening to an Abraham Hicks when Esther talked about how when she saw the numbers 555 it was her deceased husband Jerry contacting her. I also heard that when you see three numbers in a row, it is [...]

Are You Putting Your Happiness on Hold?

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I do this all the time. I tell myself once I get rid of this headache, I’ll be happy. After I finish my work, I can enjoy my day. As soon as this project is completed, I will be done with this client and life will be good. I am always putting my own happiness [...]