Broken is Beautiful

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There was this unforgettable Twilight Zone episode (one of my all-time favorites) about this old woman who had a museum in her home. She was surrounded by robots who did the housework and helped her with chores. One of her robots was broken, and a young man who visited kept offering to fix him for [...]

Take Goals Off the Table if You Want Better Results

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My friend used to be a competitive bodybuilder, and he did quite well for himself. He used to talk about how he and his friends set ridiculous goals for themselves of gaining weight, lifting more weight in the gym, and reaching points of fitness they hadn’t achieved before. It was all about the goals. All [...]

If You are Reacting to Them, It’s Probably About You

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A few days ago I experienced a real opportunity for growth. This opportunity, which involved reacting, came in the package of an uncomfortable exchange between a close friend and me. At the time, it felt awkward and confrontational, but later I was able to see it in a different light and learn from it. Criticism [...]

The More I Love Myself, the Less I Need Anyone Else

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Self-love has never been easy for me. My generation was raised to believe that self-improvement was a bunch of nonsense. Back then, fostering self-esteem was never a goal of parenting. Thus, many of us grew up not feeling very good about ourselves. Even hearing the words self-love used to make me feel uncomfortable like it [...]