How I Cured Celiac and Hashimoto’s Disease

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Diseases, especially auto-immune disorders, are at an all-time high, and doctors will tell you they are incurable. Well, I am here to tell you that is not necessarily true. I suffered for 20 years from both diseases and I cured Celiac and Hashimoto’s, without medication, surgery, or any other type of medical intervention. Old School [...]

Are You Looking for Something You Already Have?

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I used to love watching romance movies or TV, and I even read dozens of similar books. I was envious of the chemistry between couples, and I would pity myself for what I didn’t have. The thing is, I was in a relationship. I inwardly blamed my partner for not being like these characters in [...]

Love Isn’t Enough

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There is nothing quite as extraordinary as falling in love. Those first few months are simply magical. However, once real-life steps in and job issues arise, someone gets sick, or either of you experiences money troubles, your relationship can suffer greatly. What I have learned over my lifetime is that love isn’t enough to keep [...]

10 Easy Ways to Self-Soothe

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When you feel stressed or insecure, you just want to feel better. You want comfort and positive affirmation that you are okay. However, many of us just power through those ugly emotions and don't address them. I have learned through mindful living that's not a good idea. Those minor issues can turn into something much [...]

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