I have compiled this list of links, meditations, and books to help get you started on your spiritual journey.

Please email me if you would like more information on something.

Click here to visit Gary Craig’s website on EFT.

Happier.com – for a daily dose of Happy. I love Nataly Kogan and her great stories.

Gabby Bernstein – this woman is a vision of hope, peacefulness, and spirituality. I love her videos, they inspire me to help others and be a better ME.

Some of My Favorite Books

A Course in Miracles – Helen Schucman

Quantum Enigma – Bruce Rosenblum

Illusions – Richard Bach

The Universe Has Your Back – Gabriel Bernstein

Conversations With God – Neale Donald Walsh

Outrageous Openness – Tosha Silver

Into a Timeless Realm – Michael Rhodes

My Favorite Meditations

Cord Cutting Meditation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z-jU9Blxmw

My Favorite Meditation App – https://www.calm.com/


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