Getting Comfortable with Easy is Hard

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Have you ever had a day where everything goes just perfectly, and it feels almost magical? Well, I am experiencing a bunch of those days strung together and to be honest, it’s kind of unsettling. I am in a quandary. Growing up as a Generation X person, I am used to things being hard and [...]

How to Stop Fighting Your Emotions

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I have a good friend who is completely comfortable accepting whatever emotion he is feeling in the moment that he feels it. I am so jealous of him sometimes. It seems like I am always fighting my emotions. If I am feeling fear, I want it gone. When I am angry, I tell myself I [...]

Hope is Just the Beginning…

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I have been thinking a lot about hope lately. I believe it’s the most powerful emotion to bring change into your life. When you are suffering or struggling with something hard, holding onto even a tiny bit of hope that it might change, will allow it to get better. I have seen it work in my [...]

Relief is Sometimes Better Than Pleasure

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Someone could argue this point, but in my experience relief is often a much nicer emotion than feeling pleasure or even joy. In fact, I now have a deep appreciation for relief, and sometimes it is my only friend. Making Life Harder Than it Has to Be We all make our lives so much harder than [...]