Have you ever had a day where everything goes just perfectly, and it feels almost magical? Well, I am experiencing a bunch of those days strung together and to be honest, it’s kind of unsettling.

I am in a quandary. Growing up as a Generation X person, I am used to things being hard and struggling for what I want. Now that I have sold my house and have moved into a comfortable new place, I am finding it difficult to deal with things being so “easy.”

I find myself checking and re-checking my todo list only to realize things are already done. When you own a house there is always something that needs fixing or replacing. I wait for disaster calls and emails, but they never come. Where I live now, everything is taken care of and it’s new construction so nothing breaks. Things I think are going to be difficult are easy. I am in a flow of easy breezy, and it’s making me feel a little uncomfortable. I am not used to smooth living where everything goes well all the time.

Is it Cheating to Live an Easy Life?

My usual long list of agenda items has shrunk down to very few, which I can easily accomplish within minutes. I used to have to pay a pile of bills, but now I don’t owe anyone anything, so there is nothing to do there. My work is so easy to accomplish, I can do it within about a quarter of a day, and it just feels too easy. It feels like I am cheating.

I think that while I was selling my house, I was running so fast to keep the lid on all the details, now that the dust has settled, I feel lost. I don’t quite know what to do with myself now that I have all this free time that does not have to be filled with chaos and hard work.

Focus on Your Someday List

I just realized while sitting here sipping tea and looking out at a day full of nothing that I could finally tackle the list of things I want to do, not have to do. We all have a list of fun things that we put off for “someday” knowing full well, we will probably never get to do them because we are just too busy. Now is my time to do those fun things, if I let myself.

Change is great. It forces you to take stock of where you were and where you are now. There is more work I have to do on myself. I have to get comfortable with letting myself off the hook, allowing my life to be easy, without struggle and try to really enjoy it. It’s funny, but I never expected to have trouble accepting finally getting everything I always wanted.

Years ago I heard this line in a movie: “now that all my dreams have come true, what do I do?” That question feels right to me now.

Enjoy the Journey, Not the Destination

Instead of dwelling on the discomfort though, I am trying to bask in the possibilities. I can do anything; I can try new things, travel and find ways to get comfortable allowing myself even more fun, more joy, more ease. Wow! I can hardly imagine what that looks like, but it will be interesting getting there. I am already starting to like it this way.

Don’t forget to enjoy this journey of life regardless of what it throws at you, good or bad. It’s all about the experience!

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