A few weeks ago, the selling of my home had stalled out, and I was feeling pretty down about it. My good friend who doesn’t hold back hit me between the eyes with it and told me I was impatient, and it would happen but just not on my time. I know better, I know how to manifest what I want, and I wasn’t doing that; I was acting like a petulant child who didn’t get the toy she wanted.

Allowing and Receiving

It is sometimes hard to break old habits. I come from old school thinking; suffer for long periods and then eventually, kind of get what you want. But by then you are too tired and frustrated to enjoy it. I am not good at allowing myself the good things in life. I have, over the past few years gotten better at it sometimes. But in times of high stress, I revert back to my old, unhealthy ways.

The Art of Manifesting

My friend being straight with me was the wake-up call I needed. So instead of focusing on “not moving forward” I put all my energy into daydreaming about what it will be like living in my new place. I shopped online for a new bed, new furniture and tons of items. Each one was bookmarked so I could peek at them before bed and then envision them in my new home. I became so focused on that; I didn’t have time to dwell on the waiting.

Relying on Faith and Acceptance

I had looked at a luxury apartment when I put my house on the market. Now, three months later everyone kept warning me that the apartment would not still be available. I wanted that place really bad. In fact, I haven’t even considered living anywhere else. It is brand new with granite counter tops and a huge kitchen. I love to cook. Every time someone asked me about the apartment, I said: “when I am ready to move, it will be available.” I was exercising faith without even knowing it.

Two weeks ago, I switched realtors and my house sold within four days. I am now a week and a half from closing, and I called about those apartments, and there wasn’t just one available, there were 3! I had the choice of top, middle or bottom floor. Not only that, everything else has fallen into place so seamlessly and flawlessly, it is almost hard to believe. Too many details to count have been miraculously perfect.

All the Cooperative Components Working Together to Manifest Your Reality

It brings to mind a phrase that Abraham Hicks likes to use. When manifesting if you let go and truly allow yourself to receive what you want, “all the cooperative components will come together to make it happen.” That is exactly what this feels like. Invisible little minions running around making sure all the pieces fall into place, and I am the beneficiary. It is miraculous how many details that could have tripped me up, that have just faded away and perfect solutions have manifested in front of my eyes.


So to recap, the steps I took to finally get the exact reality I wanted were:

  1. First, let go and let God/The Universe handle it; stop trying to control everything.
  2. I had to retrain my focus on what I wanted, not what I am experiencing now, so I daydreamed and let fantasies of living in my new place flow. I didn’t worry about the details of getting there, just kept my mind on the prize.
  3. Then, finally, I had to really allow the positive things to happen. I prayed for help with allowing and receiving what I wanted. Since I know I struggle with this, it became part of my nightly prayers and meditation.
  4. After that, I basked in gratitude that everything was going so well to keep the momentum going.

Now within two weeks, I will be living the life I have dreamt about for a while. It might seem like a long time to wait but really once I started manifesting the “right way,” it all fell into place quickly. What a wonderful aspect of life!

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