To close my house-selling/moving series, I have finally moved, settled into my lovely new place and I am basking in the joy of manifestation. However, during this sometimes-bumpy road, I learned a lot. One of the most valuable things I learned, is that there is always a lesson to learn.

Some other things I learned along the way were that I am much stronger than I think I am. I am much more capable than I give myself credit for and I can do more than I ever thought possible. My journey also included some great examples of spiritual teaching which I scooped up along the way.

Everything is Harder Than it Should Be. Lesson Learned: You’re Not Doing it Right

During this project, it seemed like at every turn we were thwarted by something not going right. Then one day it dawned on me, I am not doing this correctly. I was so focused on the details of every little thing; I was not letting it fall into place naturally.

So I started focusing solely on the result; me in my new place enjoying the freedom of it all. Then suddenly things began magically falling into place. I am talking about genuinely crazy miracles happening every day regarding every detail from the delivery of chairs and closing date to moving costs totalling $17, and stuff like that.

There is Always More to Do. Lesson Learned: There is Opportunity Everywhere to Grow and Learn

When I had my web business, it always bothered me that projects never seemed to end. I believed I was finished, and the client came back with new stuff to do, and I was left feeling frustrated and angry.

During my move, we kept stumbling over another “final” thing that we had to do and it appeared never-ending like the web work. By noticing this and taking stock of why this was happening, helped me. Each new thing that had to be done taught me how to find ways to employ patience, faith, acceptance, and appreciation in everyday life.

Just Because You Move Doesn’t Mean Your Problems Will Go Away

It is honestly an inside job fixing ourselves. I had to deal with some irritating issues with my house in the final weeks before I moved. Now that I have moved, I had a similar issue today. I found it funny. I hadn’t escaped the problem because it was not related to the house, it was all about me and my thinking and worrying.

Once I acknowledged that and meditated on it, the problem was solved quite easily. In AA they call this a geographical cure, and it never works. You cannot escape your problems, nor can you outrun your own thinking. It’s best to address it where it lives, inside your head and then let the rest take care of itself. I found that things are generally never as bad as we imagine them to be.

Manifesting is Truly a Thing

Even though everything didn’t happen on my schedule as instantly as snapping my fingers, it did happen, and it is better than I ever dreamt it could be. Looking backward at where I was and what my thinking was, it is clear to see how I got here. If I can carry one lesson from this experience with me, it will be how to use the spiritual resources I used to manifest this beautiful new life. I hope I don’t allow myself to get caught up in the day to day fray of life and forget this treasure trove of spiritual lessons.

I am here to tell you if there is something you want and you don’t believe you can have it, think again! You can have, do or be anything you want in life. Go for it, don’t wait, do it now!

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