Many of us get stuck in our routines. We find comfort in things that happen on time and on schedule. Most of us do the same things every day, every week, every month and every year. We think the same way, eat the same way and act the same way for our whole lives. Breaking out of that little box seems impossible, and change is the last thing we want to think about. However, by breaking the chains of our comfort zone, we can experience so much more success, excitement, happiness, and pure joy.

Change is Hope

I used to be terrified of change. I hated it, I shielded myself against it and fought it off every chance I got. But as they say “change is inevitable.” So I was fighting a losing battle because everything is always changing.

After my year of hell, I decided that my life wasn’t working very well and certainly wasn’t making me happy, so something had to change. Well, I took that idea and turned it on its head and went a little crazy changing everything and you know what? I became very happy, I was less stressed, I embraced even more transition, and it put me at ease with uncertainty. The idea of change actually gave me hope!

I no longer had anything to fear because I was the architect of all the changes. I wasn’t just sitting around waiting for it to happen to me. What a great feeling of power! I took control back just by making the changes myself.

Change is Freedom

A week ago a friend was over, and he went into my freezer for some ice. He found the ice bucket empty and looked at me in confusion. You see, I used to have an obsession with ice, and I always had my glass of water full up to the top with ice. If it melted, I rushed back to the freezer to refill. I lived like that for years so when I had no ice in the house, he couldn’t quite understand it. I reminded him that I had changed everything in my life and that OCD item was one that I got rid of years ago.

What a weight off my chest, not having to worry about the ice level in my water. I now enjoy the room-temperature water, and I’m not tied to that obsession. It feels like absolute freedom!

Change is Hard, or Is It?

I hear people say all the time; change is so hard. When I started changing things it did take me a while to get used to the new ways of doing things. But in the end, it changed me so much for the better that it actually became more comfortable to change than to stay stagnant in my old habits and thinking.

I think the reason most people shy away from change is they believe it is impossible and takes a long time. That is not so. I have witnessed people changing literally overnight, and it convinces me all you need is to allow it to happen and be willing to change.

Change is Power

If you want to become a whole new person that attracts more opportunities, better situations, healthy relationships and happiness into your life, all you have to do is make changes. Start small, maybe move a few things around in your house. Then monitor your habits and change them one at a time. Stay conscious of your thinking and if you don’t like what you hear coming from the station inside your head, change it. You have complete control, it’s never too late, and you can change anything in your life that you want. Change is the ultimate tool for limitless power!