Forgetting Wipes the Slate Clean

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I recently watched a movie about a man who had temporary amnesia.  Often when I see that, I feel bad for the person. This time, however, I was in a particularly spiritual mood, and I flipped it over. I thought “that might be nice.” Can you imagine forgetting all about who you are? A Brand New [...]

Things Can Change So Fast!

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Do you believe that things can change quickly? If you are like most of us you believe that you have to struggle, keep fighting at it, fail then fail some more and then maybe some tiny bit of change might happen accidentally. I am here to tell you that is completely wrong. Master Manifester of the [...]

How to Recover Quickly From a Spiritual Setback

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We all have deep roots of bad habits, beliefs, and behaviors that have not served us well. However, through our spiritual practices, meditation, mindfulness and being in alignment with source, we have paved a new road of happiness and well-being. What happens when we hit a snag or something unforeseen blindsides us into a severe spiritual [...]

My Secret Shame – Anxiety

By |2017-11-15T14:34:20+00:00November 15th, 2017|Categories: Anxiety, Change, EFT, FEATURED, Real Life|

If you have ever experienced crippling anxiety, you know what I mean. The worst part is the shame of it all. I have lived with extreme anxiety since I was a child. Most everyone in my family shares this disorder, and I have unwittingly passed it along to my daughter. It breaks my heart to see [...]

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