We all have deep roots of bad habits, beliefs, and behaviors that have not served us well. However, through our spiritual practices, meditation, mindfulness and being in alignment with source, we have paved a new road of happiness and well-being.

What happens when we hit a snag or something unforeseen blindsides us into a severe spiritual setback? That is precisely what happened to me this week.

Don’t Avoid the Big Stuff

Through my work with my EFT coach, we cleared a lot of my past traumas, fears, and pain. What I avoided working on however was all the stuff related to my surgery, the aftermath and long period of healing.

So in February, when I found out my father was having surgery in March, I started spiraling. All the thoughts about what he would be going through brought up memories of my experience. Even though I heard the thoughts and felt the anxiety, I ignored it all. I chose not to deal with even now.

When the day came for his surgery, I could not even attend I was so physically debilitated. Amazingly, much of what I felt was my own pain from my surgery three years ago!

Cleaning Up the Past

Even though I cleared a ton of stuff, this was a pile I should not have ignored. By avoiding it, it only came back to bite me in a big way. I suffered for three days with sharp pains, weakness and other maladies I have only ever felt after my surgery.

So if those things you are avoiding are still out there, be aware they will come back to haunt you if you don’t deal with them thoroughly.

How to Bounce Back From a Setback

I realized too late what I had done to myself, but once I did, I rallied and pulled out my bag of spiritual tools to get myself back on track.

First, I used a chakra cleaning meditation which helped a lot. I could almost feel the healing start to take place.

Over the three days, I ate a lot of super healthy foods, meditated often and kept reminding myself “this is not real.” I repeated a mantra of “this is only the past, I am now healthy, strong and far away from all this.”

Remember How Far You Have Come

During a particularly anxiety-ridden and painful moment, I started to get discouraged when I friend on the phone reminded me that “you are miles and miles away from where you were.” I just needed to hear those words to remember. Although I had physically brought myself back to a place of pain and suffering, I wasn’t there at all. Plus, I could do something about it.

I did a lot of EFT on beliefs and cleared some of the stuff I should have cleared back then.

Self Soothing For Fast Relief

I also found that self-soothing techniques of talking to myself, gently rubbing my arms helped a lot. It was like being hugged by a close friend. Drinking relaxing ginger tea also eased my tension and stopped the flailing. I aligned with source as often as possible, reminding myself, I am not alone.

Listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks helped to calm and slow down my mind and I read my spiritual books which offered up positive affirmations. I flooded my mind with spiritual goodness to push out the negative thoughts that had created this painful reality.

All in all, instead of suffering for weeks, I shortened my “slip” to only a few days. I am beyond grateful that I have the spiritual tools I do now, to help heal myself in times of need. Use your spiritual tools and remember, even a setback is only a slip, you can come back from it stronger and better than ever!