I recently watched a movie about a man who had temporary amnesia.  Often when I see that, I feel bad for the person. This time, however, I was in a particularly spiritual mood, and I flipped it over. I thought “that might be nice.” Can you imagine forgetting all about who you are?

A Brand New You

What would that feel like being a brand new person? You would instantly lose all your fears, insecurities, past traumas, all your baggage, your beliefs and other issues holding you back. You would essentially be a blank slate to start all over and be, do and have anything you like. Forgetting would be like a release of all your worst stuff. Of course you would lose the good with the bad, but you could recreate anything you wanted.

I toyed with that idea for a few days, turning it over and over in my head and thought “I want that!” I realized just how much stuff we accumulate in our heads by the time we are an adult and how little of it serves us. Even with the hard work, I have done in three years, I realize, I still have a long ways to go. There are always new things being added to the pile, while I am busy releasing old stuff.

How to Assimilate Amnesia – Starting Over

This experience prompted me to start working harder using EFT and meditation to erase old beliefs that are holding me back from greatness. I have also released and completely forgotten about many of my fears. Fear and anxiety can trip me up if I am not careful. So I have been taking note here and there where things need work.

This spiritual journey is one of many lifetimes, and we will never get it done completely, but I do feel a strong sense of wanting to push harder and go further in this life. I have amassed a lot of experience that needs to be cleaned up so that I can truly move beyond.

Take it Further

I hope you can think about this too. Maybe it will give you hope or inspire you to work harder to move through your suffering or struggles. You don’t have to feel bad in life. I think we believe on some deep level that we do, but you don’t. All it takes is some work to clear and release the pain and open yourself up to the love and sunshine just waiting for you on the other side.