Do you believe that things can change quickly? If you are like most of us you believe that you have to struggle, keep fighting at it, fail then fail some more and then maybe some tiny bit of change might happen accidentally. I am here to tell you that is completely wrong.

Master Manifester of the Negative

I have an intricate link between my mind and body that works quite efficiently. Whenever I feel any negative emotion, it immediately shows up in my body as pain. The area of pain varies, but the process is always the same. It appears that I have a gift for manifesting in my body instantly. The trick is honing that precision to all areas of my life.

When I am not feeling my best emotionally, and I have pain, my mind will run with it by producing all these scary thoughts. “What if its cancer?” “Maybe it is something dire, and I will suffer for years and years.” “Is it life threatening?” Then I remember oh wait, I can control this; I don’t have to suffer. My body is my domain to control, and if I can manifest the bad, I can also manifest the good.

Pain Vanishes Like it Was Never There

However, when I forget that power, I feel like the pain will last forever, and it can’t possibly go away quickly. I am repeatedly shown, however, through my spiritual guides, it can and does. I think when we are suffering emotionally or physically we hold onto the belief that it will always be that way and in effect keep ourselves in chains.

For example, I had a horrible stomach pain a week ago something that went on for about four days. Finally one night I meditated on it asking that it be relieved overnight. Even as I asked, I had doubts about it resolving so quickly, but I added that into my meditation as well and decided instead to trust.

I woke up the next morning with the pain completely gone. I should have trusted in the first place instead of suffering for four days.

Belief is King

The lesson here is simple. Our beliefs (thoughts we keep thinking over and over again) have such tremendous power. Instead of using this power against ourselves we can alter our beliefs, and manifest a more pleasant situation instantly.

Whenever I think things can’t change quickly, I am wrong. Sometimes I feel that if I can’t see a solution right in front of me, then there isn’t one. But what we fail to remember is that source energy which is working on our behalf all the time can see all the open doors, doors we don’t even know exist.

For instance, when I worry about money, if I clear that limiting belief, even if I don’t have money due to me, miraculously money comes in that day. Talk about things changing fast!

Clear Your Limiting Beliefs

To be the most deliberate creators we can be, it is important not to forget about these limiting beliefs and to take action, so they don’t keep tripping us up here and there. They are working against you whether or not you eventually address them, so why not fix them now.

You might think that stubborn, old beliefs would be hard to fix, but they are not. That again is just a belief that you can change. You can quickly dissolve limiting beliefs through EFT and meditation. When you rid yourself of a limiting belief, beautiful results ensue.

Change is not only possible but amazingly fast and when you employ your spiritual tools that are constantly right at your fingertips. Want to change something fast? Just change your belief about it!