Are You Obsessed with Self-Improvement?

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My cousin, his wife, and I are all on similar paths of growth and self-improvement. We periodically have Skype calls to catch up and share spiritual resources (books, videos, etc.). One particular call, I asked how my cousin was doing, and he said he had taken a break from all the self-improvement for a while. [...]

Are You Lonely, Even Though You are Surrounded by People?

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Someone very close to me is going through a rough time, and she is very lonely. It breaks my heart to see her pain. I wish I could do something to help, but even me spending time with her doesn't alleviate her feelings of being lost and alone. I think this is common in our [...]

Release Blame With This Powerful Little Phrase

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There is this incredible story about Esther Hicks where she was leaving a seminar during a break. She entered a service elevator to avoid the crowds due to her celebrity status. A man transporting laundry stepped in with her. He began explaining that she was in the wrong place and that this elevator was not for [...]

I Choose Healing Not Hatred

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Throughout twenty years of business, I have had a lot of experience with difficult people and situations. I am sure you can relate. All of us have family members that drive us crazy and people at work that know just how to push all our buttons. It would be impossible to live a life free of [...]

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