If You are Reacting to Them, It’s Probably About You

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A few days ago I experienced a real opportunity for growth. This opportunity, which involved reacting, came in the package of an uncomfortable exchange between a close friend and me. At the time, it felt awkward and confrontational, but later I was able to see it in a different light and learn from it. Criticism [...]

Are You Afraid to be Alone?

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I have some wonderful girlfriends in my life. At least two of them are in long-term relationships, and I know they are frustrated, unfulfilled and would be happier if they were alone. Unfortunately, I think the fear of being alone holds them back. I also have a guy friend who got divorced a few years [...]

Release Blame With This Powerful Little Phrase

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There is this incredible story about Esther Hicks where she was leaving a seminar during a break. She entered a service elevator to avoid the crowds due to her celebrity status. A man transporting laundry stepped in with her. He began explaining that she was in the wrong place and that this elevator was not for [...]

Take Control of Big, Bad, Scary, Uncertainty

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Like many people, I used to hate uncertainty. I wanted ironclad guarantees, lifelong warranties, promises and assurances that were inescapable. I was looking for security in all the wrong places. The ironic part is that things went wrong, things broke that didn’t get fixed, and I got hurt. So regardless of any perceived security, I thought [...]