Meditation is My Wonder Drug – I am Cured!

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About seven years ago I developed Celiac disease and then along with it Hashimoto’s disease. The two combined made my life miserable. I was dying from the inside out without any hope of a cure or improvement. Doctors ran painful and intrusive tests but offered no solutions. I finally did enough research online and found that [...]

Become a Vision Statement Rock Star!

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A few months ago, my energy coach told me about one of her clients who is a vision statement junkie. I was intrigued, and I wanted to know all the juicy details. This woman had radically changed her job, lifestyle and financial situation through the use of vision statements. Miraculously she had increased her salary by [...]

Hey! I’m Not Crazy After All

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Remember that movie “Chances Are” with Robert Downey Jr. and Cybill Shepherd? In it, Cybill's husband dies, goes to heaven and wants to get back to his wife as soon as possible. So he runs off, and the gatekeepers of heaven forget to give him his shot that erases his past life memories. I love that [...]

De-clutter Your Life and Expect More Miracles!

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I had an amazing call with a good friend of mine the other night. I hadn’t spoken to her in about two months. The last time we talked, she was battling depression, hating her job while also dealing with an on again, off again relationship which made her feel unworthy. She was dissatisfied with many aspects [...]

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