About seven years ago I developed Celiac disease and then along with it Hashimoto’s disease. The two combined made my life miserable. I was dying from the inside out without any hope of a cure or improvement. Doctors ran painful and intrusive tests but offered no solutions. I finally did enough research online and found that becoming entirely gluten-free, I could eradicate the symptoms of both diseases.

Gluten Free Challenges

At first, it was tough and discouraging. Because of all the negative talk in the media and certain outspoken celebrities who don’t take Celiac seriously, it was hard to find safe food. Lots of waitresses in restaurants looked at me like I was nuts when I inquired about gluten-free food. To say life was frustrating is, to put it mildly. My daughter is Celiac also, so it was somewhat easier to cook for both of us and keep our house free of gluten.

Eventually, we got pretty good at finding safe foods and restaurants that understood the necessity of keeping foods separate to avoid cross-contamination. But still every holiday season someone would make something which we would eat that would result in pain and suffering. The problem with Hashimoto’s disease is once you are “glutened” the effects can last up to three months. It is not just a day or two so the stakes are very high in staying clean and safe.

However, going from very sick and debilitated to just feeling normal was worth the hassle of having to be super careful with my food and never eating favorites again. Some of my worst days I couldn’t even get off the couch, and I suffered from about twenty different symptoms at any given time.

Eating gluten-free was challenging, but it provided a solution. One I was comfortable with until I started working on my spiritual health and EFT.

Not Good Enough

I was happy about my “food cure” and touted the merits of it to anyone who would listen. I even guess blogged about it on Honey Colony. However, I was never quite fully satisfied that I would just have to accept that I would live this way forever.

After doing a lot of EFT and spiritual healing work, I finally decided to tackle my other health issues. I started working on healing meditations a few months ago focusing them on my eating, allergic reactions and my body comfortably digesting any food or drink regardless of what was in it.

A Very Special Holiday

This holiday season was full of rich, fatty, sugary foods. Because I normally eat so healthy, it was an adjustment to include these delicious but not very healthy foods in my diet, and I suffered a couple of stomach aches as a result. But each night I did my healing meditation, and I cleared them so that when I awoke, I felt fine.

Now for the big news. I accidentally purchased regular bread for our Christmas fondue meal. I did not realize it and ate a bunch of it without suffering even one symptom. Later my daughter read the package and found it was regular organic bread but not gluten-free. When she told me, I decided to maintain my healthy feelings, and I chose not to let that affect me in any way. I did another healing meditation right then, lest my mind run with it and cause me symptoms.

I am excited and thrilled that I have completely cured my Hashimoto’s and Celiac through my healing mediations so that I could openly eat bread and be aware of it without having any residual effects at all. My plan is to continue eating gluten-free and organic, but at least I don’t have to be so fearful of getting “poisoned” by gluten anymore.

More Healing With Meditation


During a recent phone call, my cousin was telling me about this incredible man who offers healing meditations to people all over the world who have incurable diseases and disorders. This man who cures people through mediation was in a horrible car accident a few years ago and was told he would never walk again. Within eight weeks, he used meditation to rebuild his spine and was back doing triathlons. He uses what he learned to help others heal using only meditation.

I know first hand the healing power of meditation and have experienced deep healing of traumas, fears, and other physical ailments, but this one is huge for me. That is why I am so excited about this miracle; I want to shout it from the rooftops.

If you do the work, put in the time using meditation, I believe, you can cure anything. The only limitation is YOU and your beliefs. Through my experiences, I know the immense power of healing we have within us, through our direct connection to God/The Universe and our source of all healing. If we just learn to use it all the time for everything, imagine what else we can accomplish!