Until It Happened to Me

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It's hard for anyone to step easily into another person's shoes and truly understand their perspective. I have learned this lesson often, sometimes painfully. Witness on Social Media I recently witnessed someone else learning the "until it happened to me" lesson the hard way. I don't love the Nextdoor app. It has its purpose, and [...]

Are You Looking for Something You Already Have?

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I used to love watching romance movies or TV, and I even read dozens of similar books. I was envious of the chemistry between couples, and I would pity myself for what I didn’t have. The thing is, I was in a relationship. I inwardly blamed my partner for not being like these characters in [...]

Love Isn’t Enough

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There is nothing quite as extraordinary as falling in love. Those first few months are simply magical. However, once real-life steps in and job issues arise, someone gets sick, or either of you experiences money troubles, your relationship can suffer greatly. What I have learned over my lifetime is that love isn’t enough to keep [...]

The Tale of Two Voices – Which One Are You Listening To, Fear or Love?

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In quite a few comedy movies you often see a person with a tiny devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. The person is usually conflicted about which to listen to, and the audience laughs at the silly struggle. This theme of the two dueling forces within us has come up a lot [...]

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