I was inspired to write this article because I know a man who suffered childhood trauma and talks about it often. This man is 90 years old, and he still suffers from this single event which took place over 80 years ago. He often comments that “this is just how he is programmed and nothing can change it.”

The sad and regrettable part is that this single trauma colored his life, his behavior and his relationship with his family members. They have suffered due to his belief that he could not move past this one thing. He is using that belief not to have to work on removing the trauma and getting better. Imagine the life he and his family could have had if he had chosen to change his beliefs about it and work to clear the event. Clearing it completely and moving beyond is completely possible using tapping or meditation.

Healing Isn’t the Hard Part

I have another very close friend who was just diagnosed with cancer. I know the next few months of treatment will be a struggle for her. I wish that I could have helped her before cancer took over her body.

I see many people suffering inwardly, and that eventually will lead to some illness or physical ailment. It is just a matter of when.

I often think back to my illnesses and surgery. Had I been in a much more spiritually aligned place, I could have healed my body naturally without any invasive tests or surgery. But then again, I would not have been led on this wonderful path of self-discovery.

I think the hardest part is people letting go of the belief that this stuff just “happens to them.” It’s also difficult for them to imagine that there are other healing options beyond what modern science and medicine offer. When you tell someone they can heal any illness with tapping or meditation; they look at you like you are crazy. Modern medicine has taught us that pills, surgery and poisonous chemicals are the only way to heal. But we now know that there is a much better way.

Emotional Wellbeing Equals Physical Health

Here is a good example of the complete connection between mind and body. I had a terrible day yesterday. I allowed myself to become consumed with frustration and anger over another person’s actions. Within a few minutes of my first interaction with them, I felt a headache coming on. This headache got worse and worse throughout the day. I knew I was in bad shape and had trouble re-aligning myself. Finally, at bedtime, I worked on it using some meditation and forgiveness techniques. I allowed myself to let go of any resentment, anger and residual frustration about the day. I woke up today rested without any headache pain.

I typically feel no aches or pains in my body. The only time I suffer is when I start going down a negative path of anger, fear, irritation or frustration. I feel it in my body almost immediately. It always starts with my stomach tightening. I sometimes get physically nauseous or end up with a headache.

Thank goodness, I now have a solution. I know that my thoughts control how my body feels so all I have to do is change my thoughts to love, joy and forgiveness and my body will heal naturally, quickly without any delay. My sincere hope is that everyone I know will learn to use this magical, wonderful gift and heal their minds and bodies whenever they need to.