Yesterday I wrote a few articles for a tech client and then by 10 a.m. my work was done. I was sitting in the living room listening to music when I became aware of a “feeling.” At first, I wasn’t quite sure what it was so I did a little meditation to get to the bottom of it. I finally identified it. It was guilt, pure and simple. I felt “guilty” for working so little and listening to music when I “should have” been working.

Wrong Ideas Passed From Generation to Generation

Now this “should have” comes directly from my generation and all that we were taught. A few of those beliefs which I now realize are pure fiction were passed down to us.

  • You HAVE to work hard to earn even a meager salary.
  • If you don’t work hard and long hours you aren’t worthy.
  • Life is hard, it is supposed to be.
  • You must struggle to get anywhere in life.
  • Your value is directly associated with what work you do and how hard you work.
  • Don’t do something you love; you must follow the money.
  • You surely can’t make any money doing artistic things for a living so straighten up and fly straight and get a job!
  • We were meant to be unhappy and feel guilty.
  • You must suffer in life, and then you can feel good about the suffering.
  • Pain and illness can only be fixed through painful medical procedures and lots of pills.
  • All the suffering in the world is God punishing us for some evil we have done.

It’s no wonder we all walk around with so much guilt and burden. We all feel that if we don’t stress ourselves out, work until we drop, we are nothing and not worthy especially of the elusive idea of happiness.

Guilt Turns to Insecurity

So after I identified the guilt, I did a few rounds of EFT to clear it but then that quickly turned into “what would other people think of me if they knew I worked so little but made good money?” I then did a few more rounds on the insecurity and unworthiness. But I knew exactly where this came from and why.

I was sitting at a lunch party the other day and a woman I know well asked about my writing. I told her I work 2-3 hours a day now and make more than I used to make working 13 hours a day. She responded with a look of complete shock, and even some dismay. But she was not happy to hear it that is for sure. Even though she said all the niceties, I could see that it irked her to hear I wasn’t working that hard. Just hearing that it was possible to make good money and work very little went against everything she had ever believed. I was pushing her comfort zone with my experience.

We Got So Much Wrong

I found that interesting but it got me thinking. We have all been taught so many wrong things. We were not meant to be happy; life is supposed to hard. Along with plenty of other ideas, which are so ingrained in all of us but are dead wrong. Our spiritual teaching shows us that none of that negative, hard, bad, evil stuff is even true, all those ideas are man-made, and do not come from source.

A lot of people walk around believing that life just happens to them, that they have zero control and no free will. Again, bad teaching passed down from generation to generation. Like my good friend recently said to me “it is going to take a while to undo all the many years of beliefs that I grew up with and everything I was taught.” He just started using EFT to clear things so it might be quicker than he thinks.

Raising Our Children Spiritually

Imagine what we could have accomplished as a generation had we known the truth much earlier. I wish I had been in spiritual alignment to raise my daughter with the understandings of truth, instead of all this fiction I passed right down the line to her. I wish I had taught her to make joy, love, and happiness her priorities, not working hard and making money. At least now she is learning now by my example.

My daughter is a Millennial, and she is finding great success in her life by using vision statements, meditation, and pure belief. I realized the other day, why she has been so successful. She is so young that she hasn’t built up the mountains of resistance and baggage that my generation has. So she has manifested a beautiful life quickly for herself.

Hopefully, as my generation (Gen-X) and the Millennials become immersed in the spiritual teachings of our time, they will pass on only truth, love, and goodness to their children, effectively changing the world and how we live life.