Last Call for ARC Readers!

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I am excited to have completed my book on relationships, which I will be launching soon. I still have a few slots left if you want to read a FREE copy and provide an honest review. Real Life and Relationships Don’t Mix The title of my book is Real Life and Relationships Don’t Mix. I named [...]

Pain is a Great Motivator, If You Let It Be

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My best friend who helps people that struggle with addictions tells me often “pain is a great motivator.” He goes onto explain how often these poor souls must suffer and reach a point of desperation before they are ready to surrender and ask for help. At which time, they are given plenty of help and [...]

Modern Medicine Isn’t the Solution – There is a Better Way of Healing

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I was inspired to write this article because I know a man who suffered childhood trauma and talks about it often. This man is 90 years old, and he still suffers from this single event which took place over 80 years ago. He often comments that “this is just how he is programmed and nothing can [...]

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