Throughout twenty years of business, I have had a lot of experience with difficult people and situations. I am sure you can relate. All of us have family members that drive us crazy and people at work that know just how to push all our buttons. It would be impossible to live a life free of any adverse interaction with others.

In the past, I have always reacted with instant hurt, anger, frustration, and defensiveness. Instead of taking it out on them however, I usually turn that anger inward and manifest some ailment to punish myself for not handling it well or allowing them to mistreat me.

Trying Something New

The last few years I have been on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and finding ways to improve my life and myself. I have discovered a method for dealing with difficult people that works much better for me. It also helps me to avoid the self-loathing that follows the initial hit of anger and frustration.

At the moment that the issue occurs, I try to stop and say a quick prayer and ask for healing for the person that has caused my pain. Instead of spending minutes or even hours buried in hatred, anger, and distress, I am now trying to turn to love instead.

This practice not only heals them, but it also heals me as well, and I feel freer and lighter with each success.

Insult Quickly Turns to Appreciation

I have seen this small change turn awful situations into miracles. On occasion when I have dealt with a particularly difficult person who lashed out at me, I have used this technique and it has resulted in them coming back with sincere apologies and heartfelt appreciation for me.

Since they are entirely unaware that I have done anything differently, it is clear what is taking place on a vibrational/emotional level. By me letting go of the anger and need to strike back, forgiving instantly and asking for God/The Universe’s help in healing them, I believe they must feel some relief. In that relief, they are shown the right path to humanity as well. More often than not, they act upon it kindly.

Imagine If We All Got on Board

Can you imagine what a fantastic world it would be if everyone stopped in the moment and asked for healing and letting go of hate? It would be unbelievable and peaceful. So many of the world’s problems are due to someone lashing out at someone else and then a harmful retaliation occurring. If instead, we turned the other cheek and let it go completely, forgetting about the trespass, and loving them instead, they would feel that love and respond in kind.

It may seem idealistic but not really. The spiritual movement is strong and currently sweeping our globe. More people want a better life and to love more and hurt less. I believe in time we will all get there some route or another.

We all have a choice in every, single situation how we want to be and react. We can always choose love over hate, always.