Diseases, especially auto-immune disorders, are at an all-time high, and doctors will tell you they are incurable. Well, I am here to tell you that is not necessarily true. I suffered for 20 years from both diseases and I cured Celiac and Hashimoto’s, without medication, surgery, or any other type of medical intervention.

Old School Medicine/Thinking

I grew up feeling that our medical system was flawed. For some unknown reason, I always felt like it was very barbaric. I just couldn’t wrap my head around hospitals filling someone full of poison to kill cancer cells, hopefully before it kills them. That sounds insane to me.

In my opinion, we seem to be throwing pills and surgery at everything but not curing the underlying cause.

My Self-Limiting Story

I was diagnosed with Celiac and Hashimoto’s diseases in my early forties. My doctor said it was incurable, and I would have to live with it. They didn’t offer me any medical solutions to alleviate my symptoms.

My diagnosis was on the heels of already suffering from IBS, GURD, and other digestive issues. Life quickly became hell. My body was constantly fatigued because it couldn’t get enough nutrients from my food, all my organs started failing, and I felt like I was dying. I had always been a very active person, so there were many times when I wanted to die.

I also endured two painful thyroid biopsies, both with inconclusive results. That’s when I gave up on doctor’s helping me. I decided I would try to cure Celiac and Hashimoto’s myself.

Gluten-Free Was My Band Aid

Then I read online about how going gluten-free would alleviate all my symptoms. I didn’t believe it, and at first, I made a half-assed attempt to go gluten-free without any actual results. Then I finally committed, and it worked! Suddenly, my energy returned, I looked and felt better, and it was great for a while…

But, as time went on, along with cutting out gluten foods, I also began to decide that other foods weren’t good for me, and I saw gluten and dairy, alcohol, and other stuff as poison. That is not a healthy attitude, but it staved off my symptoms. Whenever I would accidentally eat some gluten, it took me three whole months to get back to normal and I couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life like this. Food became a minefield for me, dangerous, and unpredictable.

Unfortunately, I kept myself limited in this way for fifteen years! There were so many foods that I missed and felt sad that I could never eat them again. But what I didn’t realize is that, like the medical community, I basically put a band-aid on my disease so I could live, but I didn’t address the underlying cause.

How I Cured Celiac and Hashimoto’s Disease

Over the past ten years, I have done a tremendous amount of energy work on myself to heal old traumas. I fully understand the deep connection between the mind and body, but what I missed was that as I was healing these old wounds, my body was secretly healing as well.

The reason the body develops disease is unhealed trauma and emotional issues. We store events and spikes of negative energy in our physical cells, and over time, this causes serious illness, disease, and even death.

I have carried a lot of emotional traumas in my body since I was young. Then, as an adult, I suffered additional experiences that layered on even more suffering. However, as I peeled away the layers through hypnotherapy, daily meditation, and tapping, I cleared so much of this trauma that my body naturally healed.

Eating Gluten Makes Me Feel Good – My New Reality

For years I told myself the story, “gluten is bad, it’s poison, and it will hurt me.” Then just before the holidays, I had an epiphany that I had healed so much of my body; I theorized that my Celiac and Hashimoto’s diseases were gone. I was nervous, but I trusted in all the work I had done to heal my trauma. I ate tons of gluten before, during, and after the holiday season. Each time I ate some and nothing “bad” happened, I felt good. Now when I eat gluten, I have a chemical reaction in my brain that releases good hormones, and I feel euphoric, so I have created the reality that “eating gluten makes me feel good.” I have rewritten the story to something that supports me instead of limiting me.

What a significant turnaround from believing that gluten was the enemy. First, it’s important to remember that gluten didn’t cause my disease. It only masked the symptoms, so it was never “bad” for me, just a temporary solution I can now comfortably discard because the wound is fully healed.

These are only two of the many ailments within my body that I have healed through energy work. I have had chronic pain from broken bones melt away, and other long-term issues that I thought would never heal fade away into the past.

Don’t Give Up Hope – Look Inside to Heal

If a doctor gives you an incurable diagnosis, don’t let that be the end of it. I am living proof that you can change your physical body and cure disease without medication or surgery. However, you do have to look within and find your solution. The energy healing techniques I have discussed here have powerful capabilities no matter what you have suffered during your lifetime.

Don’t give up hope. I believe you can heal yourself just like I cured Celiac and Hashimoto’s. If you want to talk more, contact me anytime.

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