As we stumble through life, often we feel lost or disconnected. I frequently get overwhelmed by too many things at once or too many people who need me. Then I start not feeling very good physically. It’s times like these that I need a reminder that I am out of alignment and need some spiritual spring cleaning.

We all get caught up in day-to-day life, and we forget about all the fabulous resources and abundance of help available to us at any time. Here is a quick list of some spring-cleaning tips to help you get back on track, center yourself and feel more alive and balanced.

Chakra Cleaning Meditation

One of the most effective and transformative mediations that I do regularly is the chakra cleansing meditation. I do it about once a month and probably should do it more. After I complete it, I feel renewed, energetic and refreshed, ready to take on the world again.

Try it for yourself here:

Gratitude List for Boosting Abundance

Gratitude is a superpower that can heal sickness, bring abundance into your life and mend relationships. Plus, it’s super easy to use. Start by making a list of things you are grateful for. Add to it daily. Then before bed, pick five of those things and really immerse yourself in the feeling of thankfulness that you have them in your life. Then visualize these things, or people feeling grateful for you. You have now come full circle and the benefits of this exercise will start to creep into your life.

Use gratitude daily to switch your negative thinking to positive. Whenever you encounter something difficult, pause to ask yourself, “how can I look at this differently?” If you can find a way to turn it around, soon this will become your default behavior, and you will not believe the positive changes that come along with it!

Cord Cutting Meditation to Rid Yourself of Negativity

We all have ties to negativity in our lives and wouldn’t be nice to free yourself from those things dragging you down? This meditation from Sarah Hall was recommended to me by a friend, and she swears by it. It has great visual elements and uses color, the sense of touch and smell to really cut those ties that bind you and leave you free to soar again.

Visualizing for Manifesting Anything You Want

During my EFT training, I learned a lot about the power of visualization. When you focus tightly on what you want, the Universe has to deliver it to you. The trick, however, is focusing on the feelings of that image. You also cannot be tied into a time table, that never works. When I was drowning in the details of selling my house and moving, I focused on one single image of myself sitting at a new granite counter top with my iPad. I fleshed in other details, but that was my primary focus. By immersing myself in that one goal, I sped through the details to get there within 30 days, and now I have that reality, exactly as I wanted it.

If you want to bring change into your life, this is the place to start! You can manifest any changes you want in life. It helps to write them down into a vision statement, but you can also sit quietly for 5-10 minutes each day and picture in detail what you want. Don’t worry about the details of getting there; just focus on the prize and then wait for it to unfold magically.

Help Others to Help Yourself

One of the most effective ways to help yourself and get out of your own head is to help someone else. Even if it is as simple as offering a kind word to someone who needs it. You have made their day, and internally you have done something good for yourself, and your mind and body will feel it. The more you do for others, the better you will feel about yourself but even more powerful is that you will have less time or inclination to dwell on the negative aspects of your life.

The Results!

After a good meditation session, I feel so alive and well. I feel supported by God/the Universe and my own body. My chakras feel energized and ready to work in all areas of my life improving things and allowing me to be, do and have anything I want. I feel powerful and confident and unfailingly connected to everything in life. It is a fantastic feeling. I can go from feeling small, alone and scared to a warrior with nothing to lose in just a few minutes of mindful spiritual work.

If you ever feel like you are floating in a boat alone in the middle of the sea, disconnected from the world, these techniques can help center you and get you back to feeling alive and well again.

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