For the past few years, I have been practicing meditation in a big way. I commit to at least one to three sessions per day, and I almost never miss one before bed. I found that getting into alignment with source energy before I sleep, helps me to let go of the day’s resentments, failures, and disappointments. It also positively preps me for the next day.

My Nighttime Ritual

I start off my bedtime ritual with a list of thanks. You might call it prayer, but I am really using my gratitude list to attract more of the same wonderful things I experience every day. Even if I have had a tough day and things didn’t go my way, I still have a list and a lot to be grateful for. I use my list to ease away the negative and replace it with positive.

After my “prayers,” I then put myself into a very deep state of relaxation and calm my mind. I set an intention for the next day and how I want to experience things. If I have specific goals, I list them out as well, but as things that have already happened, not wishes. I then lean into my connection with source energy and I feel a strong sense of healing, love and peace.

The Positive Side Effects

Every night that I practice this positive ritual, I wake up rested, refreshed and ready to face the day. I am not fearful, my mind does not race, and things seem to fall into place effortlessly. If people and things start to cause my energy to shift and I feel my mood slipping, I stop and spend ten minutes meditating again to slow things down and center myself.

After doing that, any unpleasant body symptoms fade away. My calls and meetings go well and the rest of my day is productive while staying peaceful. I also sleep much better then I meditate.

When I Skip it, Everything Goes Wrong

On nights when I forget or deviate from my proven system, things often go awry. I sometimes wake up with a crick in my neck or aches and pains. Then I stumble through my day getting irritated and angry by everything. I am far less productive, and I usually end up with physical pain or ailments by the end of the day.

Meditation is my touchstone. It keeps me grounded, efficient, calm, happy, reasonable and more peaceful. Without it, I am a wreck. I feel it on those rare days when I am “too busy,” and I skip it in favor of pushing through and getting more done.

Meditation is a Better Way of Life

The bottom line is my life is better when I meditate regularly. My writing flows beautifully, and I don’t even need to edit it. Meditation makes me better at relationships. When I meditate, I experience less friction with other people, and my clients seem wonderful. The difference is not everyone else; it’s me.

When I meditate, I am a better version of me. I am the person I want to be and I feel less stressed, more focused, and able to help others without any resistance or resentment. Meditation gives me the ability to laugh easier and be happy. If you haven’t gotten into the habit yet, try it for a week or two. You might just be amazed at how much changes and how many positive side effects come from this simple, little daily practice.