I was watching a video on mindfulness this week. The people interviewed were recounting stories of seriously challenging events in their lives and how it helped them tremendously to lean on their mindfulness practices.

I identified completely as I recently went through an incredibly emotionally charged situation that lasted for a week and included many levels of discomfort. I want to share with you some of the ways which being mindful and relying on my healing tools, really helped me be ok so I could be there for others.

Allow Yourself to Feel Your Honest Emotions

During the most difficult times that week, I found myself leaning into what I was feeling and even voicing it out loud to others. Just by admitting I was scared, anxious, sad or confused helped me tremendously. By letting myself feel it, rather than suppressing it for later (and it would manifest itself later much worse), it naturally discharged and allowed me to move on gracefully. I didn’t hide from any of it, just let it flow through me.

I used to bottle everything up, and it only resulted in long-term illness and lots of ugly traumas to clear later in life, and I found this new method to be so much healthier.

Put Space Between You and The Situation

Since this situation was dire and I was worried about the well being of someone close to me, I had to step back and detach myself from certain aspects. I did not suppress my emotions, but rather detached, and used loving but determined actions to promote the most positive outcome for everyone. People even commented on my poise and strength. In those moments, I felt divinely guided. I honestly have no idea what I did or said, but it was exactly the correct thing.

Later at night, I used this same detachment to soothe myself with statements like “this is hard for you, but you are doing really well.” By acting as my own parent, I was able to support myself and positively reinforce my mindful actions during the day.

Rely on God/The Universe and Ask For Help

I put some serious miles on using prayer and asking for help during this stressful week. There were times when I had to excuse myself, go into a restroom and pray or use EFT to calm myself down, become centered and start again.

I relied heavily on God/The Universe, and I know without a shred of doubt, that is what got me through this so beautifully. I not only “survived it,” but I actually thrived during a terribly serious and scary situation.

What’s In Your Tool Box?

Life is always going to throw curve balls at you, and things will happen which you don’t expect. Will you be ready? What tools do you have at your disposal to get you through it without leaving any scars, trauma or things to deal with later?

It’s never too late to start mindful practice and put into place some helpful resources so that when the going does get tough, you are ready!