The More I Love Myself, the Less I Need Anyone Else

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Self-love has never been easy for me. My generation was raised to believe that self-improvement was a bunch of nonsense. Back then, fostering self-esteem was never a goal of parenting. Thus, many of us grew up not feeling very good about ourselves. Even hearing the words self-love used to make me feel uncomfortable like it [...]

There is Always a Lesson to Learn

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To close my house-selling/moving series, I have finally moved, settled into my lovely new place and I am basking in the joy of manifestation. However, during this sometimes-bumpy road, I learned a lot. One of the most valuable things I learned, is that there is always a lesson to learn. Some other things I learned [...]

Do You Have Great Friends?

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I have never been the life of the party and I don’t make friends easily nor do I do well in big crowds. I never enjoy myself at social gatherings where I don’t know anyone. But what I do have is a small set of great friends who I appreciate immensely. No Frills, No Hassle Friendships [...]

Being Grateful is Not Good Enough – Appreciation is Even Better!

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Recently, I wrote a blog on gratitude vs. appreciation for a client and what I learned was startling. It started with something I heard in an Abraham Hicks audio clip. Abraham said that appreciation offered a higher vibrational frequency than gratitude. So I wanted to investigate why. Here is what I found. Gratitude Feeling grateful for [...]