I have always been an action-oriented person. When a problem arises, I leap into action. First I figure out what must be done and then I do it as quickly as possible. Often this works but only to assuage my feelings of fear and lack of control. The problem often persists, and then I need to take even more action. Sometimes even though I fix the problem, I end up feeling worse than when I started.

Backwards Attempt at a Solution

Lately, I am learning that I have been putting the cart before the horse. I have been addicted to taking quick action which does not always solve my issue, and sometimes makes things worse. When in fact I should have been making the emotional journey to fix the cause of the problem and asking for spiritual help instead of going it alone.

Rely on Your Higher Power and Forget About Taking Action

A recent Abraham Hicks audio clip really “clicked” with me when they talked about sitting still, not taking any action but instead meditating on the emotional journey and moving yourself closer to the feelings of resolution. So for instance, if I have a money issue instead of racing around looking for something to sell or trying to find work, I would instead meditate to clear my mind and focus. Then I would travel up the emotional scale from fear to hope and then eventually to joy and peace. The idea is to get yourself in the mindset of what it feels like to have solved the problem and then let God/the Universe help you solve it. You don’t have to take any action at all. The right inspiration will come to you at just the right time.

Hard Sell

Now, this, of course, goes against everything I have been taught or ever done in my life. Although this piece of information resonated with me and delighted me, it was still a hard sell, until it worked like magic.

Magical Manifestation Without Action

For many years I have wanted this lovely, but expensive chair to put in my meditation room. The other day I was speaking about the chair with a friend, talking about all the great qualities of it without any resistance of not being able to afford it, just the loveliness of it. We even looked at pictures of it online.

The very next day, I got an email from Pier One, and that exact chair was on sale. I still didn’t intend to buy it, but I forwarded the email to my friend so he could see how our conversation manifested so quickly. He laughed and made a cute joke.

The next day he asked me to come over to fix a computer issue. When I arrived and sat down in front of his computer, he said, pick the chair you like, I am going to buy it for you. So just like that! I now have a chair I coveted for many years by merely looking at it from the upper levels of the emotional scale (love, admiration, happiness, joy), not worrying and trying to figure out a scheme to buy one.

A Different Approach

So the next time you are in a bind, feeling depressed, sadness, fear or anger, instead of taking action, try the gentler way and let go. Just meditate and try to envision how you might feel if the problem was solved. You may be shocked at how quickly the perfect answer appears right in front of you like magic.