I suffered a series of blows a few years ago, which consisted of some severe health problems, and then major surgery. Because of that, I developed a belief that I was weak, sick, and incapable of performing even routine day-to-day tasks without feeling fatigued or exhausted. Since I moved to my new condo, I have spent hours working on projects and running up and down two flights of steps without any issues. This has taught me that if you believe it, you are it, and that’s the bottom line. Nothing more and nothing less; belief is king.

Letting Experience Dictate the Future

Too often, we create our future experience from past ones. If you suffer a blow at work, your self-confidence may be bruised, and you might not go for that next promotion. In competition, if we lose, perhaps we will not choose to play next time, expecting to lose again. If we get sick or are ill for any length of time, we start to tell ourselves a story about our physical state and our limitations. Let me tell you; it’s all a lie. None of it is true, it is simply a belief that we continue to fabricate, and then we let it dictate how we experience the future.

Forgetting to Believe

Over the past three months, with everything going on in the world, I have been focused solely on buying a condo and then fully renovating it. It took all my energy and mental focus. During that time, I completely forgot to worry about not being strong enough or having the stamina to do things. I carried enormously heavy boxes up two flights of steps and I moved every belonging I own over to the condo myself through multiple trips. For a few days, I unpacked boxes and then built shelving to hold everything. I even helped my new neighbor build shelves too. The stuff I have accomplished over the past three months has taught me the most valuable lesson; my limitations were entirely in my head. They were not real, and I made them up so I could change them by “doing” and not “thinking.” I now believe that I am strong, invincible, and can do anything! How’s that for a turnaround?

I Even Bought an E-Bike

I have always loved biking. However, ever since I was a kid, my knees have been bad with constant clicking and pain. Over the past few years, living in a ranch-style home, they weren’t that bad. I am now living in a condo with three levels. All the up and down of stairs has really caused my knees to hurt. I read online about a woman who needed knee surgery, who was told to get an e-bike instead. Now she no longer needs surgery; her knees do not click or hurt ever. I had already decided to buy one a year ago, but that really spurred me on. Now I ride my e-bike every day, and I am convinced that it will fix my knees. Already they feel better, sound better and I am finding I can ride further and further every day. It’s incredible what a shiny new belief can do for your whole life!

The e-bike is one of my favorite purchases. It has brought back fun and excitement into my life, and I feel like a kid again.

Stuck in a Belief? Work at Changing It

If you find yourself limited because you keep telling yourself you “can’t” do something, work on a plan to change that belief. You may be shocked at what you are capable of. I have admittedly been blown away by what I am now able to do every day, and I continue to push those boundaries further each week!

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