As if we didn’t have enough going on with the COVID situation, now we have racial tension and violence cropping up all over the country. What is bothering me the most about all of this is watching everyone follow the next guy. No one wants to be different. I am fed up with it!

CEO Newsletters Flood the Inbox

Soon after news of the COVID-19 pandemic broke, every CEO of every company started sending out these cookie-cutter emails, and to be honest, it got pretty annoying. One started the trend, and then every other one followed. Not one did something different. I couldn’t care less what the CEO of Best Buy has to say about the pandemic or the violence, and it won’t make me buy more TVs.

I am sure that some marketing person somewhere convinced all of these corporate directors to follow the trend and send out a message to show how much these companies care. Despite these long emails, I do not believe they do care; they are just following everyone else. It is beyond insincere when you get your twentieth email from a stranger professing to care about your health when all they really want is to sell you something.

Now, these same CEOs are doing the same thing over this issue in Georgia. Where will it end? Doesn’t even one of them have their own minds? Doesn’t anyone want to know the whole truth before forming an opinion?

It’s Okay to Do Something Different

For months most people have been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the news and media to tell them what to think, feel, and do about this virus.

When I see media outlets showing only a small piece of a story, it makes me angry. That’s manipulation of the facts. I want to know the whole story, and I don’t want to follow everyone else, I want to do something different.

Even some of the most respected spiritual gurus are jumping on the same bandwagon and saying the same things in social media just to look good. I am very tired of people doing something for the wrong reasons. The actual cause has surely gotten lost in all this riffraff. So one employee of Facebook has an opinion, and therefore they all have to have the same one? Doesn’t anyone think for themselves anymore?

Everything is Not About Politics

It appears that the political split has seeped into every area of life now. Even things that have zero ties to politics get dragged into that arena. It is why I stay away from the news. The media only pushes their agenda and their bias; you will never get the whole story or real truth, and if you are basing your opinions and actions on what you hear from them, I feel bad for you and us all.

I refuse to believe that we are a nation of sheep that follow each other. We used to be strong; we used to be a great county of individuals with different thoughts and opinions. When will someone stand up and be a leader and not a follower? Please, someone, do something different!

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