Life has changed a lot in a very short time for just about everyone. My life has shifted in a big way, but not because of the COVID-19 virus or anything else happening in the news. I’ve begun to appreciate the variances in life and have decided that it’s the contrast that makes life great!

Abraham Hicks Knows

If you listen to any of the thousands of Abraham Hicks recordings on YouTube, you will repeatedly hear that Step 1 is for us humans to sift through life, picking what we do want and what we don’t want. That is the contrast of life. Then Step 2 is for us to let it happen, but it’s around then that we dig our heels in and resist the things we don’t like, so we keep them in our experience instead of letting them go. I am guilty of doing that often. If we were to let it be, then God/The Universe can step in and give us more of the stuff we like, which we chose in Step 1.

Without experiencing the things that we don’t like, how could we know what we do want? Without contrast, everything would be the same shade of gray, and life would be very dull. I am learning to embrace the bad, ugly, wrong, so that I can then enjoy the good, beautiful, right when it comes back around. The key is letting those “unpleasant” things be so they can pass quicker.

A Home of Contrast

I recently bought a condo, and I designed it to offer myself a LOT of contrast. I have a large screened-in porch with outdoor decorations and furniture with a lovely woodsy view. So, when I am on the porch, I feel like I am at camp, enjoying a vacation away from home. As I step over the threshold into my new home, it is light, elegant, refined, and comfortable. I have the best of both worlds because I chose to embrace contrast.

In other areas of my home, I have whimsical and playful rooms with bright colors, so I have even more choice and more contrast with different areas to suit my mood.

Contrast is Necessary to Experience All of Life

If you have read “Conversations with God,” this issue comes up again and again. The author explains that without the bad, you cannot know good. Without sour, you cannot know what sweet tastes like. Therefore, I am taking the time to notice those “bad” things to really appreciate the good.

Recently I had a three-day-long sinus headache, and I kept in mind how wonderful it was going to feel once the pain ended, and it was! The important thing is to know that change is inevitable, nothing lasts forever, and eventually, what you want will come back around.

While I was waiting for my condo to be renovated, I was not a happy camper. I felt stressed, frustrated, and angry. Now, my days are filled with peace, happiness, and appreciation. That is quite a contrast, and I am grateful for both sides so I can see the difference a little time and patience make.

Embrace the Contrast

So the next time you feel resistance pulling at you, stop and think about what you are feeling or experiencing and how it contrasts with other things and appreciate that you live in a world where you get to see, feel, hear, taste, and experience it all!

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