I have been using this new app on my phone called Calm. It’s a meditation app that offers weekly or monthly series, so you can really dig into a topic. I have found this app to be transformative in my life and it is helping me to have beautiful, calm days regularly.

Big Changes in Others

A friend of mine uses it, and I can honestly say on the days that he meditates, he is calmer, slower (he lives with bipolar disorder), more helpful and easier to be around. When I witnessed that change in him, I immediately tried the app.

I have always done my own mediation, my way but I have found that this useful app offers me a better way to quiet my mind. Listening to Tamara Levitt’s voice is very soothing but also helps me to focus.

If you struggle with meditation or quieting your mind, this app is perfect. I find it easy to fit in the time too, rather than trying to work a session in during my busy day. I have made it the first thing I do in the morning before I start work and it makes all the difference.

Homework Keeps the Feeling Going

I have noticed subtle changes in myself since I started using it. One of the best things about the app is the “homework.” You aren’t just doing ten quick minutes of mindfulness; she gives you tips to use those techniques throughout your day.

For example, I just finished a week-long series on gratitude. A couple of the homework assignments made a big impact on my life. One was to sit down and write a letter of appreciation to someone important in your life. It was an easy letter to write as there are so many great things about my friend. I then emailed it to him. I was surprised by how well he received it and it brought us even closer. I had gone into it without any expectations but came out of it with more than I could have imagined. I felt really good about expressing my gratitude for things I already love about him, but don’t say often.

Another one of the homework assignments was to pause in my mind and feel gratitude every time I drove and saw a stop sign or red light. I now find I am doing it all day long; just stopping to appreciate all the little things. I will tell you this makes me feel pretty darned happy all day, every day.

Using Calm Mindfulness Throughout the Day

Even if things aren’t perfect and I am in a stressful situation, by switching my attention to what I am grateful for, makes me feel wonderful and eases the stress away.

I cannot say enough good things about the Calm app, and I highly recommend you try it out. They have a FREE 7-day trial, so there is nothing to lose.

If you want to incorporate meditation into your life anyway, this is a great way to start.