Everyone has fears. I know I do. I don’t know what happened. When I was little, I was this wild-eyed, barefoot tomboy unafraid of everything. Now I am a grown woman who is afraid of just about everything.

Fear Blinded Me to My Own Success

Recently, my friend told me he was really proud of me and impressed by the fact that even though he knew I was scared out of my mind, I walked through my fear and didn’t give up. It got me thinking that this is a good lesson to share. It made me feel good and is the example that I want to set for my daughter.

I am involved in a situation which is extremely uncomfortable for me. I detest everything about it and want to hide under the bed until it’s all over. It is hard to believe, but I hate it that much. Outside forces and my own will are forcing me to face it instead. I am doing my best, and as it turns out, I am actually pretty good at it, even when I am consumed with fear.

Pat Yourself on the Back When You Face Your Fears

I was quite shocked after a confrontation with the person in this situation when two other parties expressed their admiration of my performance and preparation. It made me feel good. But what was even more confidence-building was the idea that even though I hated it and feared it, I still did it and I did it well.

We all carry fears around. But instead of taking the time to pat ourselves on the back, we bask in the relief that it’s over. I want to remind you, the next time you face a fear, take a moment to congratulate yourself. You don’t need others to do it, give yourself that positive reinforcement. It will mean more coming from you and maybe next time release a bit of the fear or erase it entirely. I know it meant more coming from me than outside parties telling me I did well.

Don’t Let Fear Rob You

Fear is a thief just waiting to take from you all good things. Fear constricts our lives and makes them smaller than we want them to be. It can also rob us of happiness, joy, good health and can actually “energetically” alter our lives and make them painful. Don’t let fear limit you or your life. Walk through it, face it and come out the other side proud to be human and stronger than you ever thought you could be.