Broken is Beautiful

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There was this unforgettable Twilight Zone episode (one of my all-time favorites) about this old woman who had a museum in her home. She was surrounded by robots who did the housework and helped her with chores. One of her robots was broken, and a young man who visited kept offering to fix him for [...]

Blame is the Name of the Game These Days

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It seems like pointing fingers and tossing around blame is pretty common these days. It makes sense wanting to identify a reason or purpose for something unpleasant, but how much of it is truly our individual perspective? Let me tell you a story to illustrate what I mean. You Haven’t Changed at All A friend [...]

Does Evil Really Exist?

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Humans are complex creatures, but we as a society have gotten into a terrible habit of quickly judging and reducing people to good or evil. I am sometimes guilty of seeing in terms of black and white myself. Mirroring Real Life While watching a TV show the other night, I became acutely aware of some dominant [...]

I Want to Come Clean – I Am Guilty of Lying

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I want to be real honest here so let me make this very clear, I lie. This is an area of my life where I used to think I was perfect and never dishonest. I had this obsession with honesty. When someone lied to me, I would go nuts and feel hurt and betrayed. My self-righteous [...]