We’ve all heard the phrase “be careful what you wish for.” My mother used to say it to me when I was angry and throwing wishes as daggers like “I wish I lived in the land of do as you please.” I was recently reminded of how true this warning really is.

The Land of LOA

Whether you believe it or not, science is starting to prove that we live by of the law of attraction, meaning we create our own realities by our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Sometimes that evidence is easier to witness and sometimes harder to grasp. Either way, I know it to be true, and in some areas of my life, my wishes turn to things quickly; in other areas, it’s much slower.

Wishing My Life Away

When I was in my early thirties, I started suffering awful bouts of anxiety. However, up until then I had been incredibly healthy physically. For the past ten years now, I have lived with a lot of illnesses, injuries, and pain. Recently, I wished that I could go back and deal with just the emotional trauma of anxiety and other stressful situations rather than deal with my physical ailments and pain.

As this wish crossed my mind, suddenly something inside me opened up, and memories started flooding in of me suffering emotional trauma during my twenties and thirties and me wishing that I only had to deal physical pain because it is so much easier than emotional pain. It wasn’t just once or twice either. I suddenly saw myself in dozens of situations where I had said those very words out loud. Wow!

Wishy Washy Wishing

It was a huge revelation of sorts. Here I was making the opposite wish, so sure that dealing with emotional trauma was easier than physical pain. But when I had that opportunity, I wished for exactly what I have now.

The awakening of this experience has taught me to be careful about what I wish for. When I am feeling pain, whether it’s emotional or physical, I tend to want to push it away and move onto something different. Here I have done it both ways, and although I can’t really say for sure which is better, I surely haven’t learned the best way to handle it yet.

Stop and Think Before Making that Wish

The law of attraction states that we will get more of what we focus on, and I focused on wishing for physical issues because my emotional ones were too painful to face. If I had it to do all over again, I would hope I would think very hard before making that wish over and over again. Now I can only work with what I have and focus on finding a balance between the two.

Through a few meditation programs, I am attempting to embrace my uncomfortable feelings and let pain or discomfort in and allow it. Far too often, I push it away, resist it, and end up making it worse. Some days it is easier than others, but I will say that it sure feels good to let go, surrender and let God/The Universe worry about it so that I can let it go for a while.

I am a work in progress and grateful for the awareness to see how my past has created by present and how my present will shape my future.

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