Recently I completely renovated a condo and I moved in last week. I was sitting in my new chair, feeling frustrated with the pillow, and how uncomfortable it was. Then I decided to flip it over. I noticed the other side had a softer fabric and was much more pleasant. I spent a few days angry about the pillow without ever looking on the other side. It made me think, a lot of things in life are like that. If you just flip it over, maybe there is something better on the other side.

What You Don’t Know May Be Better Than What You Do

I think it is easy for most of us to believe we have it all figured out and know everything there is to know. I am like that, but I also get delighted when I find out I don’t know it all, and there is more to learn and something better than I knew before.

The pillow is just one simple example of how looking at something from a different angle can give you a very different perspective. The COVID virus is another example. I have my opinions and feelings about the pandemic as others do theirs. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of their side of things, and it feels good not to get stuck in my own way of thinking. There is room for many different views, opinions, and feelings.

Romance is Like That

There are so many TV shows and movies where the main characters at first are at each other’s throats fighting, and they hate each other. Then suddenly, they flip it over, and they are attracted to one another. It’s like magnets where one side repels, and the other side attracts.

Wrongness is Better Than Okay

Today’s Daily Calm centered on wrongness, and I loved it. It explored the other side of being wrong. The meditation talked about embracing the lessons learned and finding a new way to be open rather than feeling embarrassed or ashamed of missing the mark.

If You Feel Stuck – Flip it Over

Sometimes when I am in a high state of resistance or pain, I will stop and make the conscious choice to flip it over and instead embrace whatever is happening. This practice always eases my suffering. It also makes me feel more in control of my mind and body.

So, the next time you think you feel stuck, flip it over and examine the other side. You might find the answer you are looking for and at least some sweet relief by opening yourself up to other possibilities and something new.

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