I am currently reading “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I find it fascinating, especially the science proving how our thoughts and feelings completely control the material world. It’s no wonder it is so difficult to change our lives because what I am learning through this book is that many of us are in a real, chemical way, addicted to suffering.

There is an Addict Inside All of Us

My close friend and I love discussing controversial topics, and we were pondering the differences between addicts (like himself) and non-addicts like me. I was recounting a recent event of something I did, but knew I really didn’t want to be doing, and he said off the cuff “all of us are addicts.” Usually, I would jump in and argue with him, but I realized that I do think there is a little addict in all of us. After reading some of this incredible book, I now understand why.

Dr. Joe Dispenza told a long story about someone experiencing guilt. He explained that thinking the same thoughts about someone or some event, created the same feelings and fired off a chemical reaction in the body. Over time, your body becomes “conditioned” or even addicted to those chemicals. Even if one day you have different thoughts or feelings about a similar subject, your body may revolt and try to get you thinking guilty thoughts so you would “feed” it with those addictive chemicals. Essentially your body is now addicted to suffering, and it wants to stay that way.

Your Body Stages a Coup

So here you are, sick and tired of your same old reactions to something, you desperately want to change, but your body is pretty happy with the way things are. The cells within your body can actually bond together, send signals to your brain, and stimulate thoughts that steer you in the direction of getting the rush they need. They are, in effect, staging a coop to support their habit.

If you live for many years in a state of suffering as I did, you can see how your body may end up taking over. Instead of living from your conscious mind, you are merely reacting to your body’s sensations and your uncomfortable environment. Your body essentially becomes so addicted to suffering, it acts on autopilot and wants more of the same. No longer is your mind in charge; your body is. It’s not an ideal way to live.

Change is So Hard But Completely Possible!

When you decide to change your life and your thinking, you are going to feel some resistance until you clear out that old programming before building a new set of conditions where the body can react differently.

One of the stories Joe Dispenza talked about that I liked the best was about a man with cancer. He took two weeks and traveled to Mexico. During the first week, he stayed in a mindful state, taking notice of every thought, feeling, and the automatic response he had. Joe said this was him accessing the operating system (like on a computer) to locate the faulty programming. The second week, every time the man had a thought which would lead him down an old path, he made a point to think new thoughts and feel new emotions. Joe compared this to replacing old programming with a new, better software routine. Using this process, the man had changed his entire personality, and when he returned home his cancer was gone.

For a minute, let’s set aside the incredible miracle of healing and focus on his process. His mind and body were addicted to suffering for many years. Still, he was able to effectively change it by focusing on, and identifying the triggers, thoughts, and emotions and replacing them. He formed new neural networks in his brain to remove the old, automatic responses, and he did it in two weeks. How amazing is that?

Bonus Benefits of Quitting Your Addiction

Joe went onto say that when the man came home, he was also kinder, more compassionate, and loving towards his family as a result of this change. What a bonus!

If you get down on yourself because you find it difficult to change, don’t. You may be dealing with a situation where your body is addicted to suffering, and you might have to replace some programming to rewire your thinking first.

I can’t wait to read more of this fascinating book and learn how to use these techniques in my own life.

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