During my time in web development and marketing, I had two different clients come to me with the same question: “How do I get rid of negative content about me on the internet?” In both situations, I explained the solution is not to remove the negative stuff but replace it with positive things.

The idea is to bombard the internet with so much positive content that the negative stuff is pushed down and fades away. Amazingly, this works in other areas of life too. It is a universal solution that reverses the momentum of negative circumstances, and it feels like magic.

Getting Caught in a Loop of Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is just a bad habit. Although I use a lot of positive self-talk, meditate every day and read inspiring spiritual texts, I still struggle with it sometimes. A good friend of mine has been reminding me lately that rather than getting rid of the problem or the negative thought, instead, I need to simply focus on something better and he’s right!

It’s so easy to get caught in a perpetual loop of negative thoughts and dwell on the bad things in our lives. It doesn’t matter if it is job-related, relationship-oriented, or just life stuff; negative thinking is never helpful, and it never solves the problem.

If you believe in the law of attraction or any of the ideas behind it, you know that focusing on the bad stuff will only bring you more bad stuff. Concentrating on the good stuff changes things and attracts positive things into your life. At the very least, by changing your thinking, you will instantly feel better.

A Good Example of Replacing Bad with Good

When I was selling my house, there was a lot of stressful things happening. It was easy to get swept away by negative thoughts. When I realized this wasn’t helping to sell my house any quicker, I started focusing on a relaxing scene of me sitting at the counter of my new place using my iPad with a soft smile on my face. This fantasy represented peace and happiness. It wasn’t very long after I started focusing all my thoughts on this happy scene that everything fell into place. Now I have this perfect scene as my daily reality. It worked because I took the focus off my fear, worry, and negative thoughts and placed it on happy thoughts of positive things.

Logical Thinking Doesn’t Make Me Happy

My logical type “A” brain always wants to figure things out and think them to death. This mindset does not work well for spiritual peacefulness. I have to remind myself constantly instead of pushing the bad thoughts out; all I need to do is switch my focus over to something nice that makes me feel better. It requires far less energy to think a different thought than to push, struggle, and wrestle with a negative one. We don’t ever need to struggle to figure out how it will change, just trust that it will, and that’s when the magic happens.

I need a sticky note taped to my forehead to remind me of this fundamental rule because it works 100% of the time when I remember to use it. I need to remember that what I think about is a “choice.” I seem to forget that a lot.

The Spiritual Masters Know This Magic Trick

Abraham Hicks and many other spiritual gurus often speak of this topic. When you are thinking about something that makes you feel scared, depressed, angry, or upset in any way, change the thought to something better. It seems simple, and technically it is, but it is about forming a new habit, a better one that works for you. It is a powerful solution right at your fingertips, but you have to remember to use it regularly. You can start small and keep at it. You may forget many times, but don’t give up, it will become routine the more you do it.

If Negative Thinking Isn’t Working for You, Try This Instead

Negative thoughts are like a sinkhole that will keep dragging you down further and further if you don’t climb out quick. Replacing that negative thought with a better one is the way out.

If obsessing over something isn’t working for you, try this instead. Your new positive thought doesn’t need to be fancy or even have anything to do with the subject of your negative thinking. Just think about something more agreeable, gentler and kinder; think about something that makes you feel good. Try it a few times and see what happens. I think you will be surprised at how this magic works.

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