There is a reason we have this built-in tool called intuition. It protects us against dangers that we cannot perceive ourselves. The thing is, intuition is really God/The Universe guiding us. Sometimes we listen to it and sometimes we don’t. Often it pays to listen to your gut, and when you think something is not quite right, it probably isn’t.

Scammers Are Everywhere

Lately, I have been getting a lot of great work from writing clients. I am pleased with the topics and the collaboration between myself and the editors. Today, however, I received an email from an enthusiastic editor hiring me for some work. He asked for the usual paperwork, but something just felt “off” to me. So instinctively, I went onto the client’s website to search for this guy in their lineup. I didn’t see him, but they had a chat window. I started a conversation with a nice woman who worked there and asked if this man was an employee. She quickly responded with, “no! don’t send him any personal information; he is a scammer.” Boy was I glad that my intuition saved me.

Instinct is a Feeling Not Seeing, Hearing or Thinking

I thought a lot about what it was that made me take those extra steps to be sure. I get so many offers from clients that there must have been something about this one email that caused me to question its validity. Then I realized, my instinct was based completely on a “feeling.” It felt off. It wasn’t in the words he said or how he worded them; it just felt wrong. I am so grateful for this built-in lie detector that kept me safe from some stranger stealing my identity and perhaps worse. I don’t think most of us trust this instinct as often as we should. Everything in life carries an energy about it. His email obviously oozed the energy of deceit and my intuition sensed it and took action!

Lean into Instinct to Feel More Confident

My friend complimented me for being so smart and reacting the way I did. I appreciated his comment, but it wasn’t really about being smart or detecting anything based on what I saw or experienced, it was just about the feeling. I had this uneasy feeling when I read his email. It was completely irrational, but I felt it strongly. I will say, knowing that intuition is always there makes me feel like the universe has my back, and I am safe and protected. I also feel more confident, like I am never alone. I don’t have to rely on myself to avoid danger. There is always someone looking out for me even when I am not paying close enough attention.

Learn to Use Your Intuition More Often

Whenever you feel that gnawing feeling that something isn’t right, go with your gut! Don’t question it; it’s there for a reason. Dig deep and listen to the “feeling” of it, not the circumstances or outward appearance. Things that appear perfect on the outside are often rotten on the inside. It’s all about the energy of it. How does it feel? Once you get good at learning how to use your intuition on a regular basis, the more natural life choices will be, and the better you will feel about making them.

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