It’s so easy to see what is wrong with everyone else and much harder to see what we need to fix in ourselves. When you are on a positive spiritual path in whatever way that works for you, it can be challenging not to want to help fix everyone else too.

It is Hard to Watch Others Suffer When You Know There is a Solution

I have family members that I see suffering terribly. I know how much better they could feel if they were to implement some of the spiritual practices I use daily. Since I know it is not wanted, I don’t feel comfortable suggesting a solution without overstepping boundaries.

I had a discussion recently about this very topic. The majority of people in the world, are unaware of their own actions and even less aware of their effect on others. I was shocked at how little I could recognize in myself before I decided to fix things.

I have a friend who suffers from an untreated mental illness, and she is quite cruel to friends and family members without even knowing it. No one ever calls her on it or suggests treatment. This behavior used to drive me crazy, but now I accept that she is on her own path and it does not include self-improvement or awareness. I can choose how I want to deal with her and sometimes that means limiting time around her.

Late to the Party

When I was working with my EFT coach, she told me most of her clients did not even come to the realization they wanted to improve who they were until they were my age or older. It takes a lot of living and sometimes lots of struggle before you realize things can be different.

I am hyper aware of some of the character flaws that I am working on and utterly obtuse to others. I am grateful that I am willing to see these things in myself and even more grateful that there is a program to help me change them.

When you are driven crazy by another person’s behavior, it is so tempting to want to hurry up and fix them and tell them exactly what to do and how. That is not the answer, however. I tried it, and it never works with anyone.

Any Spiritual Program is the Key to Growth and Enlightenment

Another friend of mine is in a substance abuse program that uses spiritual teachings similar to mine. His path is very strong. Through meditation and his commitment to his program, I have seen incredible changes take place in him. Even just recently he became conscious of wanting to change someone’s perception and point out their flaws. But then he realized that is precisely what they were doing to someone else and it was driving him nuts. So he chose to let it be instead. It is lovely to witness not only the changes taking place within myself but also the changes I see in others and their growth.

Although not everyone has a program, a spiritual guidance plan or even wants to know how they could improve their lives; we cannot help but see for them how much they could be helped if they did.

Live and Let Live

I believe, it is not our place to direct, control or inform but to just let be. It is their choice, and we must respect that. It is pretty near impossible to control someone else and get them to change when they don’t want to. That is the beauty of free will. We have all been given that gift, and it is ours alone. No one can choose for us. I will honor my right to choose by leaving others alone that choose differently. I will revel in the gratitude and freedom I have won through my choice and allow others the same freedom of choice in their lives.