It might feel like the end of the world, but it’s just one bad day. The worst for me is when I feel great and passionate about work and my life, and then I wake up the next day feeling crappy for whatever reason. But how do you handle that?

My 18-Hour Training Week with a Headache

Last week I joined an 18-hour training. It was nuts. After doing my regular work, I had to get on a Zoom call for 2-3 hours every day, Tuesday through Saturday. Then yesterday, they had a bonus day for another two hours.

If you know anything about me, sitting still for even an hour is too much! I get anxious and antsy and usually walk away. I have been like this my whole life. Well, this training was precious to me. I needed it and wanted it. So, I stuck it out. The clincher is that the entire week I had an awful headache from allergies, but still, I stuck it out, and I got a lot from the training.

I was so pumped up and inspired on Sunday that I felt I could take on the world. Then Monday happened. I woke up feeling a bit achy, it was super humid and uncomfortable, and then clients started emailing me, and my day derailed by 9 a.m. I was in a crappy mood and wanted to crawl back into bed. We’ve all been there.

What Turned It All Around?

I was being pulled in too many directions at once. I had planned to put some of what I learned in my training to good use. After the world stepped in, I felt defeated and unmotivated. It didn’t take long before I was feeling tired with body symptoms. It felt like it would last forever. I had lost all my positive mojo so fast!

Then I had a call with my sweetie. He listened patiently to my story and said, “Wait a minute, this isn’t about any of those things; you are feeling disappointed.” I sat up straight and said, “You’re right; I am.” I hadn’t identified my feelings, but he hit the nail on the head. I was disappointed that my day hadn’t gone as planned and I didn’t get to do what I wanted. I felt like I wasn’t in control of my own life.

Then he told me, “Just deal with the emotion, and the rest will follow.” He reminded me that I had built up my expectations for the day, and it hadn’t played out that way. Expectations are a setup for disappointment.

He urged me to use whatever tools I had to deal with the emotion and tackle the rest of the day. I used a tapping meditation specifically for disappointment. I started feeling better immediately. It’s like magic how quickly things can change when you use these tools as intended. Here I have this entire toolbox of great resources for dealing with life, but I was so down in the dumps that I couldn’t even remember to do anything about it.

We All Need Positive Reminders

When my bonus training day started, I was ready, inspired again, and excited to learn more. It was just one bad day. Today is a much better day, and I am grateful that he reminded me that I have control over my day, life, and emotions. I need to put into practice all these great tips that I share with you each week.

I hope my story reminds you to stop trying so hard to fight whatever is going on. You do have choices and tools at your disposal. You don’t need to suffer any longer.

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