The other day I was in my boyfriend’s basement, and we were about to watch a movie. I expressed concern over his morning which hadn’t gone according to plan, and he got angry. He was struggling with a bad mood (which I didn’t know), and suddenly I wanted to run away.

My Unhealthy Default

For my whole life, my default has always been to run away from something I don’t like or something that makes me feel uncomfortable. Through many years of self-discovery and improvement, I have taken great steps to correct that behavior. Therefore, it surprised me that I felt that way. It was a wake-up call that urged me to figure out what was really going on.

New Beginnings are Scary

It wasn’t difficult to figure out what was going on. I have felt a bit insecure lately because I am embarking on something new, and whenever I feel insecure or scared, I want to run away.

A week ago, I signed up for a two-month coaching certification course. I plan on coaching women who are unhappy in their relationships. I am super excited to positively impact other women’s lives with what I have learned.

Additionally, I have written a book about this subject and have over twenty years of experience coaching and teaching. I am using my relationship with my boyfriend as an example. We have learned a lot over 20+ years, and I have developed some unique techniques to make romantic relationships healthier and much better for women.

I also want to share some ways I practice self-care and focus on myself rather than on him or the relationship. These small shifts can quickly create positive change, and I am thrilled to finally share it with other women.

I am Still Me, and I am Still Human

The problem is that I am still me and occasionally struggle with fear, insecurity, and self-doubt. When I am in the moment, I am completely confident and able to share what I have learned effectively. But when I think about things too much, I get caught up in my head and want to run away and hide.

For example, the other day, I had an impromptu call with a woman who knew about my book. She immediately shared with me an issue she was having with her boyfriend. I clicked into coaching mode and listened, empathized, and offered her sound advice through action items she could use right now. It felt so natural and so good. It came easily because I didn’t have time to think about it or prepare.

When I think too much about a call ahead of time, my mind turns to distraction, and I want to avoid it.

Wanting Distraction Rather Than Action

I find myself wanting to watch TV or read a good book and avoid the steps I need to take to move forward with my business. However, I am pushing those unhealthy distractions aside and taking one step at a time to keep moving forward with my dream. Wrangling fear is easier on some days and harder on others.

If you find yourself seeking distraction to avoid doing something you really want to do, I hope you can find the strength and courage to keep moving ahead. The world needs what you have to offer!

Send me a message if you want to discuss it or want some extra encouragement.

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