About a year ago, someone posted a video on Facebook that showed a man using an OM chant to soothe his crying baby. So, when my kitten started acting up, I tried using the OM sound on my cat.

Animal Lover

I am a huge animal lover. I have adopted many shelter cats, some with health issues and special needs. My latest is a girl cat named Qi (the energy life-force within us all).

During the time I was selling my house, I noticed Qi was quite sensitive to the energy of others. She reacted badly when realtors or house buyers who were negative came around. My realtor even noticed it.

Moving is Stressful Even for Animals

Once I sold my house, and we moved to an apartment, it was an adjustment for Qi. She didn’t like the noises around us and often got overexcited or wound up. When she feels my stress, she acts out and chews on things or tries to knock things over. She even started trying to jump up on my flat-screen TV (not possible, but she didn’t know that).

One day, instead of using a loud voice to change her behavior, I started chanting the OM sound. Over and over again, I just kept doing it. She stopped immediately and listened. I am not quite sure if she liked it or didn’t, but she stopped the unwanted behavior.

Training and Using the OM

When I hear a group of spiritual people using the OM sounds, it soothes me and calms me down so it makes sense that it works for animals too. I have been using it on Qi now for a year, and it works like a charm. It has saved me from getting up out of bed in the middle of the night when she decides to play with stuff on my bureau. A couple of quick rounds of OM and she’s off playing in the other room. If she doesn’t react immediately, I try a couple of different pitches to find the one she best responds to.

Before I started her training, I hadn’t heard of anyone using mediation practices or chanting with animals, but it sure works in her case, and I am glad for us both!

If you want to learn more about OM chanting, read this interesting article by Gaia.