I have noticed that lately, I am feeling very judgmental towards everything. I can’t seem to experience any interaction without feeling a sense of good or bad. All this sifting through my experience is making me feel tired and discouraged. I forget sometimes that we are all just human.

My Friend the Zen Master (sort of)

I was talking about feeling irritated by someone’s actions, when my good friend, chimed in with, “don’t forget, they are just human, let them be human.” He went on to say, “We were meant to be this way; we were not ever supposed to be perfect. We are beautifully broken, so don’t judge them and don’t judge yourself.” Sometimes my best friend can be irritatingly correct.

I frequently get caught up in situations and completely forget about this universal truth; we are just human. We are flawed and that is okay. Judging someone for their actions is like judging a rock for being a rock. There is a reason we have sayings like “I’m only human.” When I get stuck in my head for too long, I forget all about this simple mantra.

It’s a Hard World and Easy to Forget Everyone is Human

Our modern society puts so much pressure on us to achieve, and then we pile on even more expectation and guilt when we don’t measure up; it is no wonder we have forgotten what makes this a beautiful human experience. It’s about falling down, getting back up, and falling down again. None of us is perfect and can be in a good mood all of the time. When we interact with each other, we are bound to make mistakes. We overstep boundaries, say the wrong thing, and not behave our best. It’s about accepting everything as it is and not chasing after every little thought.

How to Ease Judgement Just a Little

The trick to dealing with this is just remember we are human. We were not meant to be anything else. I sometimes get off the mindful path and script out a world that is precisely how I want it to be, but far from the reality, we live in. Therefore, when I judge life against that blueprint, it always fails, and I am disappointed.

I have been leaning deeply into Abraham Hicks videos and new healing meditations for help.

As a solution, I will try each day to repeat the words of my friend “we are all human, we are meant to be this way,” and hope that it helps me ease the judgment of others and myself. We all have to start somewhere.

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