I do this all the time. I tell myself once I get rid of this headache, I’ll be happy. After I finish my work, I can enjoy my day. As soon as this project is completed, I will be done with this client and life will be good. I am always putting my own happiness and contentment on hold, and this is a bad habit I need to break.

A Pattern Emerges

I recognized this pattern a few weeks ago, and then suddenly, every post on Instagram and every tweet I read seemed to be about the same topic. I saw that as a sign that I need to figure out what is going on and try to make a change. Then I started to actually hear the voice in my head saying “after this,” “once I do that…” and so on. The voice became deafening making it clear, I needed to address this and fast.

A Good Example of a Bad Habit

I have some very wealthy friends, and they have three homes, including one on a lake. They spend every day working on the houses and never sitting by the lake, never relaxing or enjoying their homes. This couple works off the premise that as soon as the work is done, they will finally enjoy their life. But the problem is, the work is never done, they keep it going and will never be happy. In fact, I have watched this play out in their lives for many years.

I Want Happiness Now!

When I compared their bad habit to mine, it really opened my eyes. I don’t want to wake up and find I am 80 years old and I forgot to enjoy my life because I put happiness on hold so often.

So whenever I hear that little voice in my head saying as soon as winter is over, as soon as I am done with this project, etc., I stop and change the conversation. Sometimes I even physically stop what I am doing and do something fun for a few minutes to remind myself I don’t have to wait to have fun or enjoy happiness.

Change Starts with One Little Step

Happiness is a state of mind, separate and apart from our physical circumstances. Sometimes I play a little game even when I am in pain or suffering and I force a smile and say “See, I am going to have fun and be happy anyway.” Little by little, I am breaking down this bad habit and replacing it with a better, more mindful solution so I can find happiness anytime I want regardless of the situation.

I hope you’ll join me in this effort to put happiness first. Too many of us put life on hold until it’s too late.

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