I have never been into numerology or anything like that. Then about two years ago I was listening to an Abraham Hicks when Esther talked about how when she saw the numbers 555 it was her deceased husband Jerry contacting her. I also heard that when you see three numbers in a row, it is a sign that angels are contacting you. If you don’t believe in angels, then think of it as those who have passed on or souls who reside outside of the physical plane. It sounded interesting, but I didn’t put much stock in it.

Sets of Three Everywhere

A short while after that for months it seemed like I saw 4:44 every time I looked at a clock or a calculator or anything with numbers on it. Sometimes I would see 5:55 or 2:22, but mostly it was 4:44. Recently I started meditating more often, at least twice and usually three times a day. I also ramped up my gratitude practice, and boy am I seeing numbers all over the place. Everywhere I look, I see 111, 222, 333, 444 and 555. I even saw 999 recently. It is happening all the time. Then last week I saw a guide on Instagram what each set of numbers means, so I downloaded it.

I feel like the more mindful I am, the more I see the numbers. So, when it happens, I am taking a moment to see what is going on with me at the time. What am I thinking about? What am I doing?

The Best Labor Day Ever!

Monday was Labor Day, and I went out car shopping. I had no plan to buy a car. All I wanted was to test drive two models I was interested in. One place was closed so I couldn’t test drive, but strangely I was okay with that. The second place we stopped at had one car available. The car just happened to have every single feature I wanted, but it was a bit pricey. Long, story short, I brought along my good friend who is a master negotiator, and he worked a fantastic deal on the car. Everything just sort of fell into place.

During my three hours in the car dealership, I saw the same numbers pop up over and over again, on forms they asked me to sign, on rate calculations and my cell phone. I saw 222, 444, 333, and 555. Whenever I noticed it, I suddenly felt supported and calm amid the chaos, and then two incredible things happened. Not only did the car purchase go super smoothly, but I got two pieces of amazing news while I waited for the deal to close. One of them was that I was offered a long-term writing contract with a big-name publication; something I secretly hoped for but didn’t think I would get. It brought tears to my eyes, and I felt so happy and honored. I sure felt some strong spiritual guidance at that moment.

Carrying That Feeling into the Future

I feel like by slowing everything down and focusing on listening to what my higher self/The Universe was telling me through those numbers; I was able to bring even more beautiful things into my life. It was, indeed, a special day. I ended up exhausted, and by the time I got home, I didn’t even want to play with my new car, but I felt bathed in gratitude for the incredible support, guidance, and abundance of what I had been given in a single day.

I am trying to ride high on that feeling and keep it going all week. I feel like so many good things in one day is an excellent jumping-off point to keep the gratitude going for a good long while.

Honestly, I don’t know if seeing those numbers is truly angels or contact from the other side; I just know that my reaction to seeing them brought me a fantastic result and I am going to keep working with that!

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