Let’s be honest. Life can get pretty tough sometimes. You work hard; you take care of the people in your life, you try to do everything right and still sometimes it feels impossible to get ahead. Maybe you have just had a really long string of bad luck. Regardless of where the struggle comes from sometimes, we want someone else to blame.

It’s completely natural to get angry and frustrated and feel like a puppet while someone else pulls the strings of your life. As much as we want control, some things are just not ours to dictate. When life beats you down, sometimes you just need to feel what you feel. It is then that we can get angry with God and it’s perfectly ok.

Straight Down the Rabbit Hole

Last Friday was tough for me. After calculating how much I owed in taxes, paying some other bills and dealing with frustrating clients, I found myself deep in self-pity and discouragement which eventually led to a stomach ache and heartburn. This physical discomfort added to my misery and feelings of resentment. After a couple of hours of that, my frustration turned to pure, white, hot anger. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Without even realizing it, I directed my anger towards the God/The Universe and my higher self. It felt good to push the blame off of me for a while. I am pretty hard on myself, so it did lighten the load. My usual reaction is to beat myself up, so it was actually better for me to push my anger outward rather than directed towards me for a change.

Anger Turns to Surrender and Acceptance

I stayed angry all night and even omitted my nightly prayers as a petulant child would withhold a hug from its mother. By the next morning, I felt my anger turn to surrender. I was so tired of pushing and fighting and feeling at a loss to control my own life. It was then that acceptance seeped in and I started to feel a little better. It felt good to take the responsibility off me and ask for help. To allow the love and unconditional love of God/The Universe to guide me back to where I needed to be. God was completely ok with me being angry. How do I know this?

God is Unconditional Love

God/The Universe is pure love, pure compassion, true forgiveness and will never fault you for expressing emotions you were given. God is the spark of life within all of us and knows intimately our faults, our flaws, and our innate goodness. God is the pure essence of life and life is filled with everything from joy to anger. Anger is a part of who we are, and our very life-force would never ask us to suppress our true nature. God is not ego-driven as we are. God loves us unconditionally. Plus God is within us all so my anger was in a way, self-directed anyway.

God also understands that we are here living in the physical world. Life is not always easy dealing with people, emotions and circumstances. God also knows that because of free will we can make choices and decisions and our lives are completely of our own making, but we don’t always see that clearly. So God is comfortable letting us feel anger and expressing our discontent. It may be what helps us work things out. Sometimes the most growth comes from pain and God knows this. God is not an angry parent but an infinitely patient and loving guide that connect us all.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Life is a complete experience with both good and bad components. We cannot experience joy without knowing pain. We cannot experience love without also experiencing anger. All of this contrast is the good, the bad and the ugly, and it is the life we agreed to live. Thankfully, we aren’t alone. God/The Universe is always there loving us, guiding us and ready to step in and help when we allow it. We were given free will to express ourselves and that includes anger at God, and God is ok with all of it.

I believe that my anger at God is just another opportunity to find more faith and trust in God’s plan, love and guidance for me. If I do, I will soon be experiencing the best life has to offer.

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