I learned something magical this week and wanted to share it with you. I will be honest; I have struggled lately with discouragement, disappointment, resentment, grief, and fear. But what I learned gave me hope to change my life in a big way. This amazing technique involves a simple statement that begins with “I don’t do….” Let me explain more.

The Art of Livin’

I had the extreme pleasure of attending Matthew McConaughey’s “The Art of Livin’’” online event this week. The inspiring speakers shared some insightful tips for overcoming fear and shedding limiting beliefs to get where you want. The entire theme of the event was getting MORE out of your life: more love, money, contentment, happiness, joy, and anything else you want.

If you are like most people, you aren’t living your dream. But, of course, there are good reasons for that. You have families to care for, you need to work to pay the bills, and you have homes to tend to and many other things going on in your life. But what about what you want?

The biggest takeaway from this six-hour event was that most of us constantly tell ourselves we “can’t” do whatever we want in life. As a result, we feel less than, unworthy, and undeserving. Whew! I have been telling myself that for most of my life, and it’s exhausting. Self-esteem is a big problem for many of us, even if we appear successful to the outside world. But what is the solution?

Maria Forleo’s “I Don’t Do That” Trick

One of the featured speakers during the Art of Livin’ event was Maria Forleo. She talked about a time when she was utterly exhausted and overwhelmed and desperately wanted to take a break but wouldn’t let herself. I could relate to that. I think many of us can. She walked into her kitchen, and suddenly, this magical thought appeared in her mind (she felt it was divinely inspired). She suddenly said, “I Don’t Do Overwhelm!”

Just by saying those words out loud, she immediately felt better. Her shoulders relaxed, and she felt in control of her life. Later she learned that these simple words were a powerful linguistic tool anyone could use to change their lives. It tells your mind that you are in control, making a choice, and not at the mercy of life. You can repeat this mantra throughout the days and weeks to reprogram your unconscious mind to produce different thoughts and beliefs that serve you instead of limiting you.

How to Make Big Changes in Your Life

Regardless of what you want to change, your relationship, job, living situation, finances, etc., you can use this trick to create lasting change. What stops most of us is fear. Use this to stop anxiety in its tracks so you can find the courage to take that first step toward your dream.

Using this technique, I stopped feeling trapped and discouraged this week and sent out 18 book proposals to various publishers. I will get my relationships book out into the world; this is how I make it happen.

How did I overcome my complacency and fear? I used this mantra whenever I felt self-doubt, negative thoughts, and uncomfortable emotions. It’s super easy to do, and you can use it for anything.

How to Make the Magic Happen

I didn’t just use this trick for emotions; I also used it for physical sensations that I didn’t like. For example, I went to bed the other night and started to feel heartburn. I said the mantra out loud, very strong, “I don’t do heartburn,” and honest to God, magically, it disappeared instantly. I can’t honestly say I understand exactly how it works, but it does.

You can use this statement for anything you want. Just replace the word THAT (below) with anything you want, an emotion, a behavioral pattern, or even physical stuff.

I don’t do THAT!

Say it strong, say it confidently, and say it out loud. Say it often throughout the day to make it stick. You are reprograming your mind and how it feeds you unconscious information and statements. Soon, you will stop telling yourself you aren’t good enough or that you “can’t” do this or that. Soon, you will start feeling more confident and moving towards that life you love.

Start using it today, and let me know how it works for you.

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